0 km – Rinduku di Jogja (02)

On the Corner Journey, The Lonely and Alone. Enjoying a Beautiful Day in Every Step of my swing. In silence and desire.


ABC Instant hope

Jogjakarta city this morning routines so quiet, still as ever. Not looking to change one bit. Life is almost the same, as more than ten years ago, when I was living in this city. I greet them one by one by a small smile, and occasionally stopping to enjoy the situation in away. Busyness is visible came into view, at some point the market, where traders prepare everything, to greet this beautiful day. May the best-selling wares, by the buyer.




Local flower USE Industry

The unique shades of Jogja, which still feels up to the ages. That’s always people talking about this one city. Slowly, but very definitely – so they say, and seemed to have become the motto of their lives. Should not be too ambitious, but try as best we can. Symbol of life in the ‘Javanese’, or traditional Javanese beliefs.


HOME…breng 2.184




Phoenix DISCplay


20.000 IDR pile-up


Menimbang ABU-ABU


2nd hard NEWs

I still recognize it all, I still remember the people and their habits. It’s like falling in love for the umpteenth time. However, this time a little differ, because I already know the signs of its will. I just went back to walking up the street corners, the center of Jogjakarta, along the way Malioboro. I miss its always.

*note: I give these titles, derived from the writings, within photographs themselves.




A Post Card from Cambodia

ImageThank’s For Today – Kedonganan Beach – Bali

Thanks For Today

What did I make today will always be grateful I am.

Beautifully captures the moment when the fishermen unloading the day at sea, was not as pretty as their result when obtaining the money. The rigors of labor effort they go to sea under the blazing sun all day or hit by a wave that threatens their lives, not as pretty as their body silhouettes caught on my camera.

“Are you a reporter?”, They asked when I started to get closer while preparing for my camera. “Dont photo in my face, I had not showered all day…”, so they joked. As he introduced himself and explained I am a photo hobbyist who was the streets looking for the object, do not forget to also ask permission to photograph them, while offering a cigarette that I carry, and they seemed happy after that. While photographing them I just took time to converse ‘break the ice’.




“Now is not season for fish, and also the weather is sometimes good sometimes bad, depending on … yes, we go to sea again the result also is not good”, said a fisherman. While continuing to release the flick nets catch fish, a mother also said, “Yes, good to buy cigarettes that his father, and the cost of school for children …, but if it happens like this every day (bad weather) … just take the air we eat”. Conversations are brief but full of meaning in every word, and I can only capture activity until sunset while they say many thanks to the fishermen who are willing to photograph me that afternoon.

What did the make today Will I always be grateful I am. Bend over backwards as much as possible for better results. Maybe that’s how they pray every day and loves her job as a gift from God.





8thAngkor Photo Festival 2012: December 1 – 8, 2o12 > Siem Reap – Cambodia

My Postcard: Indra Widi > Thanks for Today – Indonesia

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Thanks God, For this Beautiful Day

0 km – Rinduku di Jogja (01)

“Walking slowly, following a heart that pensive wistfully with blank stare in silence in the morning along Jalan Malioboro Jogjakarta.”

SEGARNYA Bina Anak Sholeh, Bersihkan Dirimu!SEGARNYA Bina Anak Sholeh, Bersihkan Dirimu!

The silence is still felt today. And that more than 10 years ago. The streets were still quiet, and still the same as the first time I gain a foothold in this city. Quiet and impassive, like this foot steps took me to walk. “Welcome back to Jogja, Indra Widi! Clean yourself up!(Bersihkan dirimu!) -such like corner of down the street greeted me-, after that come down from a city bus, such as writings on display in the ad. My mind flashed back, when I still lived in this town to pursue studied of photography at the Art Institute. There is a sense of emotions and pride that surrounds in this heart. And I sat down for a moment, staring at the surrounding buildings and activities, which looks still the same.

13th SHIATSU transport13th SHIATSU transport YB669KT UP!YB669KT UP!
SIOMAY headSIOMAY head ImagePSIM atas air

I was truly amazed! After so long away from Yogyakarta, after graduating from college, me went to Bali to work. All look the same! And the corner of my eye interested by the figure of an old ladies, traditional food seller who sits on the edge of the sidewalk in front of a mall. That old mother is still in good shape and still sell the same traditional foods! Amazing! More than 10 years ago! Of course I rushed towards her, to buy and enjoyed, a special dish of the traditional food of this city, while looking back, the situation around. 

morning GASAKMorning GASAK!

Thank God …Today is Beautiful! Previously, in this place, at this downtown, me with my friends had struggled, had instill a pride for the courage to learn, strengthen personal, and to be a reliable artist Photography. “I miss you all!”, I shouted in myself, in every sense of special food it touches.”

*note: I give these titles, derived from the writings, within photographs themselves.

ImageSEGARNYA Bina Anak Sholeh, Bersihkan Dirimu! ImageSANES TOKO Periode 18 ImageWD RENTAL portal. OKe Gan(!)

Photography in Sensitometry

I do not want too away to define, and describe a composition format photography, is complex and comprehensive. It’s very complicated and often interfere with the process of Photography. Its composition is only found in the ‘composition of lighting’, to capture the moment with ‘smart ‘, and present it, to the choice of appropriate materials, to be enjoyed again. Normal eye can not see the sun in great detail, as well as in a movement that occurs, the eye is not possible to stop it. From here, it all started.


When someone cries -tears flowing, and we recorded it, what the projected moment, to the photography process? Acquired certain circumstances people who are crying, right? ‘Still and Freeze’. However, as realistic as what the object was ‘frozen’? Someone with experience will get the details as a whole and understand that someone is really crying -not the people that laugh until the tears also issued. Capability that is details, a mandatory of technical photography. And when someone was crying not because of sadness, or grief that made-up, it would be caught as well in (results of) photography. A detailed exploration process will understand, when the expression of reality took place, and from what angle, the moment was to be recorded.

However, Photography is the Photography itself. Photography will record the whole projection image of the object, and is not talking about an Art. Photography is only a projection image. A format and its composition was limited to the ability of the human eye, that comes to the performance point of view of the eye to see – to some degree – how wide – how detailed the dimensions of the lighting, or the calculation of accurate color quality. And that was just the beginning.


Detailed images that projected through an optical lens according to the lust of the eyes, is not an ’empty imaginations’ to be printed to a certain media. These printing of-embodiment, the existing reality. Essentially is located on acquisition of, adjustments to the average value of brightness, and contrast of light, to get the dimensions, that have the closest equivalent. These study, in science ‘Sensitometry’, and the famous: ‘Zone System’ by Ansel Adams, is constantly updated and developed, and become the basis of ‘Histogram’ on the digital era. And again, this is a process of ‘conquest’ stringent technical to get a projection of reality, not seasoned for a ‘Art ‘ reason.

Photography has always spoken in a desired detail. Get ahold of first base. Photography does not lie in technical ‘shooting’ and ‘camera’ only. Photography is also of no concern to: pressing the release button in the normal ratio of the diaphragm and the speed necessary for irradiating the recording medium. This process is not located on a past event that we have to do it like: should shoot to use celluloid film, do printing in a ‘dark room’, or ‘should’ use of a lens ‘fix’ option, to achieve the optimal results. Recording moments that can occur at any time, and it is not necessary to prepare a concept. Moreover, talking about a recording device is too complicated.


How strong the interesting of objects, built by the brightness, contrast, and depth dimensions. All that is intended to build, a perception point of view, as desired. Someone who enjoys photography will most likely be different appreciation and perception by the photographer. Point of view, will also have a big ‘a mood’, but it’s always evolving, from how to obtain and define it. Composition of a photographic print format, very wide, and continues to grow in the absence of a fixed rule.

Photography is Not Just Talking About: Camera.

As demonstrated in the art of Karate, master the power of the basic movements first. It later, ‘art’ and it will be able to just show up without having to be planned. His art is already in the process essentially. Art is behind basic techniques. Do not let not mastered the basics and techniques of karate, and then we are acting up, and boasted in front of a master of martial arts. Clearly we would sprawl on the first move, or become jokes.

Similarly, Art Play Ball – first how to play ball control and mastery of basic techniques, one day after that, will be able to ‘play style’ beautiful then.


Make results of photographic, become Photography Art:A synchronizing art projection-image recording, to be a visual harmony.

Forget for a moment think objectivity because of a perception, or a reference to the existing art. Art has no end points of view will be resolved, for now. This goes back to the ‘wisdom’ to set an optical composition, and it is located on eye first. This is related to the strict and technical basis of the other. It’s about the composition of many elements the ability of the eye include visual images and objects that about to be obtained in a ‘form of work’ that projected. Eye: never saw and make detailed focus on the many points of an object. The eyes have a certain ratio and coverage, how wide the range point of view. I agree, if there is a simulation of the eye’s optics at 35mm to 55mm lens. (en.wikipedia.org / wiki / Photographic_lens).

Composition of the focus points of view will determine the composition of the other technical. Record the moment with a lens that matches the performance of eye-and it’s mandatory! Normal eye is not possible to ‘zoom’, brought an image object in sight. But I’m not talking about a zoom lens may not be used. This is another subject. It’s about how and technically simple, normal performance to get the proportions of the eye optics.


In fact to make the eyes feel comfortable, needed equipment / optics / technical, the other to give the desired details. And that bottom line is, photography is not just talking about a device called a camera. Photography was there before the camera was made. It is all a certain naming and classification. Photography is also not just a single (still) recording, but it can also record the moving.

“Art? What is art? Art that how? it later!. I think, people called it in the name of art, when they were not involved in it. They were standing outside and try to translate it. Or maybe they are trying to find the entrance, when they were inside?”.

Photographic Art, Keeping Secrets in Photography itself.


I think photography is an agreement called a name that is recognized around the world in the era of the 1800s, as previously mentioned there is a Solargraphy. Do not be abbreviated or split into Photo-Art, or Contemporary-Photo, or Photo-Journalism, or the other. Forget the past, any mention of digital – instant and that other combinations. This name must still called just: Photography. Photography is a long history of learning process and the complex and highly dedicated. Because photography is also a formula that has become all the reference technology in the next era. There are ethics that must be understood until the end.

‘Digital’, people still do not really know, where the origin of this technology, so it is still resist comparing the ‘photo’s’. I am not a scientist who works on an advanced laboratory, but at least, I learned the formulas of light and magnetic, with a random. And actually, in the science of Photography (analog / digital) and its performance, it’s not a problem, because based on science and the same formula: Scan-Record Object projection or Moment -with a precise and straightforward.


The interesting thing is when people use the word “photo” in the piece word photography in the digital era. But it is also the same question: ‘Digital’ is a photography?’. Confusion which used it as a process and form are broken down or combined-merge into a separate conflict when digital technology is so rapid. Moreover, the ‘light-magnetic’ that can be added to other devices in the hope still called Photography. And reference is made worse when Photography and more abandoned.

Development of the era-Digital-Photography and Art becomes a conflict when people have forgotten or worse do not know the process of photography at the beginning and the principle amount that is: ‘to record the moment’ as it were. For those who already understand it would be more concentrated and continue to find where lies naturally ‘Art’ is true in photography. It is like a ‘bonus’ that come into its own. Do not try to seek or create excessive.

“An optical performance of a normal eye, it will not convey a false information to our brain-a natural principle, Photography Even so, and that the principle of Photography. That’s a strict ethics in the process of work in photography.”

And back again, no addition or subtraction. Photography is not a subjective judgment / opinion. Photography, an object of direct experience in the recording, and it needs to be ‘flying hours’ enough. Art, like the blessings will flow by itself. It all can only be owned by people who have high dedication in completing the whole process of photography.

“Sense to understanding of work processes and results of of Photography, should be returned, the original synchronization. Thus, when people speak of a photography, it’s not just on the results of (visual) that looked / printed only. Not the Aesthetic or artistic orientation of the complex. Nor is art that can be attributed to a subjective discourse-if not directly concerned in it.”

Photography is Like Play Soccer


“Photography such as an art  soccer. Mastering the basic techniques of ‘kick’ and ‘ball’ it first. After That will then be able to ‘play’ it with the pretty.

It later, – ‘art’, it will be there and just show up without having to be planned. Art is already in the process basically. Art in Photography hiding behind basic techniques.”