Photography 1st (Then: Art)


Initial the process of / the basic in Photography:

Photography, do not know: the Artistic and Art.

Photography, do not know: Formats and The composition.

Photography, do not know: the basic meaning of the Aesthetics.

Photography, also do not know: This form is visible, which can be touched.

Photography, do not know: a space and a particular dimension

because is unlimited on the length / width, and do not selecting placements / its vessel. Photography, just a: projection image is transferred. And “Graphy” is an optical / how / tools / actions to deliver the projected results of all the images.

“What we see / capture is what we have to catch / get”

“Photography is Photography -remains a work process of projection and image recording. Digital is the birth of a sophisticated form of a complex science of lighting. Digital Photography in principle to keep working on moving the imagery on the science of photography before. Digital is the Photo / The light in the form of magnetic encoding process in more detail. Digital codes was learned ‘analog’ in the previous era, such as: Zone System – Grain – ASA and so on.

For me (and this is subjective) preferred to use: Photography first, then Art. That’s because – Art in Photography will flowed out when I am deepen photography with a vengeance, and I can explain with confidence and certainty. And if that does not deepen in depth photography photography will not understand? The possibility of automatic magnitude so, do not understand. Understood only in the limit: imagination synchronizing visual references (photographs) only. For use in understanding others, and also can be subjective – not related to the understanding of Photography a the basic and thorough. The real art of photography are in the process of synchronizing the projected image exploration itself. There is no outside process, such as for Aesthetics or artistic interest of art -which in my opinion, Aesthetics or art Artisitic appear afterwards.


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