Photography Have a Big Impact to the ‘Mood’

“The basic composition, which is also the final destination, located on the” false or correct “use of media / tools and technical understanding of photography. Because there are suitable rules: the precision of mathematics to calculate the accuracy of the amount of light content, that is used (aperture), and the time needed (shutter / speed). And the composition is, will have a big impact to the ‘mood’, in Art Photography itself. “

That is, when a shooting occurred “over-exposure ‘, the actual fault and it is already happening. Made a mistake ‘just a little’, is out of focus, still, it’s called: not focus!. And it a fatal fault. Do not shy away if we really want to understand accurately Photography.


Photography has never lied, because it is a process of recording the ‘image’ of the projection of the object, that ‘just relocated’.

As our eyes to see, as that that will obtain in Photography. However, the image produced by equipment of Photography, was not able to match the ability of the eye (as a barometer of the basic standard 50mm or 35mm lens optics). It is different when the technology finally helps the eye catch that distant object with a telephoto lens, it further discussion. Return it first more to ability of our eyes on the technologies it try to equal it.

“And the achievement of a series of technical understanding in the science of accurately Photography, it is called: the Arts of Photography.”


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