Photography is an Image Projection of the Object

The basic principle, Photography is only an image projection of the object – the recording and transfer of a reality. That’s because it works by a factor of ‘Light’. What is there (the object), there must be at the final result (the image). And it’s no less or more. Nothing is removed or raised.

Addition or subtraction of objects (that later became the subject) in the final result, is not a photography.


Dedication or its art is the outcomes of adjustment (form) that reasonable and just located / restricted to: synchronization tool capabilities (optical-media-technology) and the actual reality of our eyes. That is because to satisfy standard needs a real appearance (in fact) to the eye. Because the tool is still limited recording capabilities. Quality of the recorded number of colors will distort reality and the rejection of the harmony of the brain, so it requires sufficient capability to return the excellent reality (that was recorded is), became more detailed, and hopes to equal the original.

Photography, even blind to the aesthetic rules of composition and harmony (in Art). Or when spoken of in the artistic, photography from beginning it is does not exist. Photography is only the unity of the process to move the reality, into the medium of recording that ‘freeze’ – in one language and meaning. And language interpretation or meaning, it can be very subjective and tend not to talk about, in the actual photography.


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