Photography is ‘Only to Move’ the Object Projection


And it is unique, Art in Photography could occur not because of artistic, in study of Esthetics and Art (Fine Arts). Not because of that harmony of the composition, or to have clear language in visual signs in it. Photography could be ‘no Arts’ and have a form, that could in tap and be touched in plain view. Photography could be ‘a the dumb and silent’, and there is nothing there. Photography is only to move the object projection and the reality in front of, and that a precision in many things and technically. Photography contains only the precision of technology (equipment / media), and its art is on the results of synchronization accuracy in fact objects, with our eyes to enjoy it -is nothing more.

In fact, in early development and growth, photography is very difficult even up today’s digital era. Technical tightness who can not yet ‘conquered’ to satisfy an aesthetic harmony. And it’s becomes visual artistic anxiety, behind the achievement of ‘projection of the imagination’ as appropriate. Thus, there was ‘acculturation of technology’ and ‘distortion’ technical trying to resemble a photographic process. Plus, the subjective perception becomes used as a reference for the assessment, to conquer the technical photography. The minus, people trying to manipulate the image it projected, for the benefit of Artistic and Art.

Beyond all that is called: Visual Arts which utilize photography.”

It’s that simple and just an overall photography process.

Whether, that can be done well?


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