Photography: The Art of Visual Optics

The Arts of Synchronize Identification of Composition and Recording the Image Projection for being A Visual Harmony.”

Photography and Art:

Photography is a ‘ritual’ technically rigorous dedication, and should be. Art is ‘a bonus’ that would be obtained automatically afterwards. And a combination of both, is necessary ‘flight hours’ which pretty high. Of this side I choose up, because I work with the photography.Here, photography do with in great detail and original, as well as will make The art itself.

Art and Photography:

Art: I do not pretty references to understand it, because I was still up side of the culture of ‘eastern’. Photography: a habit and very strict technical requirement to capture moments -that ‘blind’ and does not understood what is the Arts. And, a combination of both is: an anxiety Visual Harmony.Necessary experience and references that more high enough to understand it.

Here, Art happens because the process factor: Photography itself.

Dedication to Myself:


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