Photography in Sensitometry

I do not want too away to define, and describe a composition format photography, is complex and comprehensive. It’s very complicated and often interfere with the process of Photography. Its composition is only found in the ‘composition of lighting’, to capture the moment with ‘smart ‘, and present it, to the choice of appropriate materials, to be enjoyed again. Normal eye can not see the sun in great detail, as well as in a movement that occurs, the eye is not possible to stop it. From here, it all started.


When someone cries -tears flowing, and we recorded it, what the projected moment, to the photography process? Acquired certain circumstances people who are crying, right? ‘Still and Freeze’. However, as realistic as what the object was ‘frozen’? Someone with experience will get the details as a whole and understand that someone is really crying -not the people that laugh until the tears also issued. Capability that is details, a mandatory of technical photography. And when someone was crying not because of sadness, or grief that made-up, it would be caught as well in (results of) photography. A detailed exploration process will understand, when the expression of reality took place, and from what angle, the moment was to be recorded.

However, Photography is the Photography itself. Photography will record the whole projection image of the object, and is not talking about an Art. Photography is only a projection image. A format and its composition was limited to the ability of the human eye, that comes to the performance point of view of the eye to see – to some degree – how wide – how detailed the dimensions of the lighting, or the calculation of accurate color quality. And that was just the beginning.


Detailed images that projected through an optical lens according to the lust of the eyes, is not an ’empty imaginations’ to be printed to a certain media. These printing of-embodiment, the existing reality. Essentially is located on acquisition of, adjustments to the average value of brightness, and contrast of light, to get the dimensions, that have the closest equivalent. These study, in science ‘Sensitometry’, and the famous: ‘Zone System’ by Ansel Adams, is constantly updated and developed, and become the basis of ‘Histogram’ on the digital era. And again, this is a process of ‘conquest’ stringent technical to get a projection of reality, not seasoned for a ‘Art ‘ reason.

Photography has always spoken in a desired detail. Get ahold of first base. Photography does not lie in technical ‘shooting’ and ‘camera’ only. Photography is also of no concern to: pressing the release button in the normal ratio of the diaphragm and the speed necessary for irradiating the recording medium. This process is not located on a past event that we have to do it like: should shoot to use celluloid film, do printing in a ‘dark room’, or ‘should’ use of a lens ‘fix’ option, to achieve the optimal results. Recording moments that can occur at any time, and it is not necessary to prepare a concept. Moreover, talking about a recording device is too complicated.


How strong the interesting of objects, built by the brightness, contrast, and depth dimensions. All that is intended to build, a perception point of view, as desired. Someone who enjoys photography will most likely be different appreciation and perception by the photographer. Point of view, will also have a big ‘a mood’, but it’s always evolving, from how to obtain and define it. Composition of a photographic print format, very wide, and continues to grow in the absence of a fixed rule.


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