Photography is Not Just Talking About: Camera.

As demonstrated in the art of Karate, master the power of the basic movements first. It later, ‘art’ and it will be able to just show up without having to be planned. His art is already in the process essentially. Art is behind basic techniques. Do not let not mastered the basics and techniques of karate, and then we are acting up, and boasted in front of a master of martial arts. Clearly we would sprawl on the first move, or become jokes.

Similarly, Art Play Ball – first how to play ball control and mastery of basic techniques, one day after that, will be able to ‘play style’ beautiful then.


Make results of photographic, become Photography Art:A synchronizing art projection-image recording, to be a visual harmony.

Forget for a moment think objectivity because of a perception, or a reference to the existing art. Art has no end points of view will be resolved, for now. This goes back to the ‘wisdom’ to set an optical composition, and it is located on eye first. This is related to the strict and technical basis of the other. It’s about the composition of many elements the ability of the eye include visual images and objects that about to be obtained in a ‘form of work’ that projected. Eye: never saw and make detailed focus on the many points of an object. The eyes have a certain ratio and coverage, how wide the range point of view. I agree, if there is a simulation of the eye’s optics at 35mm to 55mm lens. ( / wiki / Photographic_lens).

Composition of the focus points of view will determine the composition of the other technical. Record the moment with a lens that matches the performance of eye-and it’s mandatory! Normal eye is not possible to ‘zoom’, brought an image object in sight. But I’m not talking about a zoom lens may not be used. This is another subject. It’s about how and technically simple, normal performance to get the proportions of the eye optics.


In fact to make the eyes feel comfortable, needed equipment / optics / technical, the other to give the desired details. And that bottom line is, photography is not just talking about a device called a camera. Photography was there before the camera was made. It is all a certain naming and classification. Photography is also not just a single (still) recording, but it can also record the moving.

“Art? What is art? Art that how? it later!. I think, people called it in the name of art, when they were not involved in it. They were standing outside and try to translate it. Or maybe they are trying to find the entrance, when they were inside?”.


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