0 km – Rinduku di Jogja (01)

“Walking slowly, following a heart that pensive wistfully with blank stare in silence in the morning along Jalan Malioboro Jogjakarta.”

SEGARNYA Bina Anak Sholeh, Bersihkan Dirimu!SEGARNYA Bina Anak Sholeh, Bersihkan Dirimu!

The silence is still felt today. And that more than 10 years ago. The streets were still quiet, and still the same as the first time I gain a foothold in this city. Quiet and impassive, like this foot steps took me to walk. “Welcome back to Jogja, Indra Widi! Clean yourself up!(Bersihkan dirimu!) -such like corner of down the street greeted me-, after that come down from a city bus, such as writings on display in the ad. My mind flashed back, when I still lived in this town to pursue studied of photography at the Art Institute. There is a sense of emotions and pride that surrounds in this heart. And I sat down for a moment, staring at the surrounding buildings and activities, which looks still the same.

13th SHIATSU transport13th SHIATSU transport YB669KT UP!YB669KT UP!
SIOMAY headSIOMAY head ImagePSIM atas air

I was truly amazed! After so long away from Yogyakarta, after graduating from college, me went to Bali to work. All look the same! And the corner of my eye interested by the figure of an old ladies, traditional food seller who sits on the edge of the sidewalk in front of a mall. That old mother is still in good shape and still sell the same traditional foods! Amazing! More than 10 years ago! Of course I rushed towards her, to buy and enjoyed, a special dish of the traditional food of this city, while looking back, the situation around. 

morning GASAKMorning GASAK!

Thank God …Today is Beautiful! Previously, in this place, at this downtown, me with my friends had struggled, had instill a pride for the courage to learn, strengthen personal, and to be a reliable artist Photography. “I miss you all!”, I shouted in myself, in every sense of special food it touches.”

*note: I give these titles, derived from the writings, within photographs themselves.

ImageSEGARNYA Bina Anak Sholeh, Bersihkan Dirimu! ImageSANES TOKO Periode 18 ImageWD RENTAL portal. OKe Gan(!)

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