A Post Card from Cambodia

ImageThank’s For Today – Kedonganan Beach – Bali

Thanks For Today

What did I make today will always be grateful I am.

Beautifully captures the moment when the fishermen unloading the day at sea, was not as pretty as their result when obtaining the money. The rigors of labor effort they go to sea under the blazing sun all day or hit by a wave that threatens their lives, not as pretty as their body silhouettes caught on my camera.

“Are you a reporter?”, They asked when I started to get closer while preparing for my camera. “Dont photo in my face, I had not showered all day…”, so they joked. As he introduced himself and explained I am a photo hobbyist who was the streets looking for the object, do not forget to also ask permission to photograph them, while offering a cigarette that I carry, and they seemed happy after that. While photographing them I just took time to converse ‘break the ice’.




“Now is not season for fish, and also the weather is sometimes good sometimes bad, depending on … yes, we go to sea again the result also is not good”, said a fisherman. While continuing to release the flick nets catch fish, a mother also said, “Yes, good to buy cigarettes that his father, and the cost of school for children …, but if it happens like this every day (bad weather) … just take the air we eat”. Conversations are brief but full of meaning in every word, and I can only capture activity until sunset while they say many thanks to the fishermen who are willing to photograph me that afternoon.

What did the make today Will I always be grateful I am. Bend over backwards as much as possible for better results. Maybe that’s how they pray every day and loves her job as a gift from God.





8thAngkor Photo Festival 2012: December 1 – 8, 2o12 > Siem Reap – Cambodia

My Postcard: Indra Widi > Thanks for Today – Indonesia

Press Image: > Download: 2012 PRESS IMAGES 

Get More Info: http://angkorphotofestival.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/july-news/

Website: www.angkor-photo.com

Thanks God, For this Beautiful Day


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