0 km – Rinduku di Jogja (02)

On the Corner Journey, The Lonely and Alone. Enjoying a Beautiful Day in Every Step of my swing. In silence and desire.


ABC Instant hope

Jogjakarta city this morning routines so quiet, still as ever. Not looking to change one bit. Life is almost the same, as more than ten years ago, when I was living in this city. I greet them one by one by a small smile, and occasionally stopping to enjoy the situation in away. Busyness is visible came into view, at some point the market, where traders prepare everything, to greet this beautiful day. May the best-selling wares, by the buyer.




Local flower USE Industry

The unique shades of Jogja, which still feels up to the ages. That’s always people talking about this one city. Slowly, but very definitely – so they say, and seemed to have become the motto of their lives. Should not be too ambitious, but try as best we can. Symbol of life in the ‘Javanese’, or traditional Javanese beliefs.


HOME…breng 2.184




Phoenix DISCplay


20.000 IDR pile-up


Menimbang ABU-ABU


2nd hard NEWs

I still recognize it all, I still remember the people and their habits. It’s like falling in love for the umpteenth time. However, this time a little differ, because I already know the signs of its will. I just went back to walking up the street corners, the center of Jogjakarta, along the way Malioboro. I miss its always.

*note: I give these titles, derived from the writings, within photographs themselves.




One thought on “0 km – Rinduku di Jogja (02)

  1. great style to your work!

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