Photography Contains of Energy Visual Projections

Assessing the ‘mystical sense of’ the-art photography, which purportedly limitless, but its accuracy can be calculated, to make photography more contained, and not for reasons of perception, or short-term art aesthetic subjective.

There are certain figures in the calculation of the value of photography, in which and where it, an infinite sense can be expressed, in a assessment the light spectrum. Without such data, assessment of taste, becomes subjective argument, which was not identified, and it is not valid accuracy and accountability. Discussion is related to several articles about the rejection, the role of ‘science’ in an ‘aesthetic perception of art’ in general. Rejection that comes from visual perception (the perception / interpretation of the social in the end) is too subjective, containing only the specified virtual philosophy, without any end-base, so that the value of factual photographic vision is often hampered and stalled appreciation. In the assessment the science of photography, there was one small thing that contains myth (uncertainty that led to the incorrect interpretation) that can not be explained. All contain technical accuracy, and it also happens when we talk about good manners, or ethics. In fact, from the point of view of a particular social ones, in the photography, everything can be calculated and counted. However, until now, science is generally unattractive and rejected, such as the example review of a scientific explanation that I noticed: In my conclusion, in general is: are equal, wherever, science less attractive. 

In recent dialog, and reference, I understand, when the technology of photography makes people too lazy to think of the basic things that do not understand, and do not try to explore it. In the name of ‘art’ or ‘Pleasure / Hobbies’, photography tends to get a place and position of the ‘easy’ and ‘cheap’, no need to be reviewed or even interpreted too complicated. So when in this position, the ‘concept’ to ‘shield’ the safest, for further inspiration interpretation. Maybe because it was too bored and stuck to translate technical photography who only speaks in monotone: aperture-speed or ‘composition’ only, so that lead to: ‘privatization infinite art, that are personal / private’, even a ‘taboo’ and ‘secret ‘. But in fact, unlimited-art, almost all can be calculated on numbers in the study of photography, less on the development of the specific details. Even, Visual perceptions and social perceptions even though, are explored in the discussion-discussion of the science of photography further. This will be further discussion at a later stage.

A simple example that I can share, such as: selection of colors (black and white or color) to create photographs that ‘only’ of: technical data becomes vision perception. First, I specify the options started from the data: temperature measurement of light, lens selection, determining the appropriate exposure ratio, the ratio of the proportion of selection format (which eventually people would call ‘composition’, ‘but the meaning of the composition is meant’ compilation / reorder ‘-in art), understanding the EXIF data, calculate the overall results Histogram, understand BIT, all to get accuracy in proportions appropriate technical, and so forth.

The second, a rearrangement of the resulting data from the camera shooting, then define it again with the memory the vision of the brain, to the results to be achieved. These include the aspect ratio of the proportion of technical formats, colors and defining the content proportion in these results. The decision to choose a particular color orange, because the accuracy of the data derived from the temperature of light. How orange? Of course in color spectrum of the system, which did so in the actual calculation of White-Balance, Kelvin and Histogram.

Third, results photographic submission. Strength results visuals photo, is in: colors scheme fairness, and certain psychological continuously. The results will influence the delivery aspect of the content of the desired future. Big or little assessment visuals are highly dependent on the results of definition, and details data content of photography. Interlocking open and detailed as widely as possible, shy and silent-for no one who understands, or it may go unpunished, thus visual photography will ‘take the role himself’ to affect vision / appreciation / interpretation / perception of others,-it an exploration selection. And the color orange, has ‘psychic role harmoy’ certain accurately and can be explained in the figures and the impact that will occur later.

'I Catch Throught The Light' 

The photo above, the background of my photography work to write the data. Why?, I want to sharpen the technical photography from its main source, the light and solar energy. I want to get captured as precisely as possible.

Photography is not depending on the source the sun light only, but all existing light sources. These photos remind me how the performance and These systematic nature of light, use it, find the form of data, make calculations, and others, to get results that have a photographic contents in the right proportions. Moment with a great record, to convey the contents of photography, as appropriate. And apparently, many things I get from here, from the physical aspects of projection, to aspects of perception vision of harmony, which is very difficult to talk about and discussed it, all defined. “I do not even need to peel-paw, by the name of art, do not need to have it, because the art of photography that will belong to someone else who will also enjoy it. I do not have to think about it (which is how art or what art), because the art will appear just like a never-ending blessing. And it’s such a blessing that science is always fractal. I just need to make the definition of data and the facts first“.

Photographing, it’s easy, and this is the object of my choice, which is also easy, very common, nothing special, besides wanting to get a photographic results that contain ‘human’ and ‘silhouette’, only. The results of the big things that I always have to consciously pay attention to are: get a moment I want, and make these in great result, and deliver these appropriate content of photography. However, it should be, we have to understand first, comparison of the proportion of the technical, the actual number of data in the reference image to be used the following: (this is one way to define a, from various sources I choose to make it more easy for me to explain, and especially the reminder to my own). And definitions below are the most basic things in technical photography.

The basic performance of colors RGB (red-green-blue) of the eyes and cameras:

Natural Color Spectrum (Colour Spectrum) and Visible Light:

The Complexity of in calculations RGB figures of Mathematics and Physics:

RGB color metering in temperature (Kelvin)

RGB gain calculations in recording device (camera):

RGB calculations in the brain / memory:

The data above shows the relationship RGB related technical data on the activities of human anatomy brain recording until memory perception resulting from the RGB data. Strong and light intensity pattern has the same accuracy. Assumptions perception becomes a data processed in ‘Fractal Harmony’ in further discussion.

From here, lies the ‘mystical’ visual generally begins, and the photography is basic science projections, which are strictly dedicated to continually explored. A response will be scared or excited, like it or not, either personally or anyone else, really be measured, and that is an RGB code system. Visual Perception, Art, Aesthetics, Ethics-can be measured and assessed, but it is often being debated, because it is not encoded, and are not clearly defined and well. Intelligences becomes demands for further define the data in various ways or reference. Because of the lack of props and references presented is difficult, so often overlooked.

Linkage RGB color profile, not a coincidence that the same code in different applications. RGB specification relates to the pattern of temperature and wavelength temperature-related, and in a continuous spectrum. It’s just called the mention of different code based on the classification of energy: the force-length-high-intensity-shape-scale systems, and so on, until the function of perception and harmony, which are different, but still related. That is, when we see a red object, will have the same equivalent value in the eye-brain-camera-memory-perception-vision and so on. Red that we see should have the same red value to other people. However, there will be distorted when the process of defining the data (photographic editing process) handed over to another person (the editor), and the photographer did not participate. How red sunset light, how blue the sky recorded, only on: brain memory accuracy the photographer. And, Photographer shall define it again. Moreover, defining these contents of photography, the photographer must be involved fully.

When not detail defines the RGB code occurs in a photo shoot, it’s simple: that a huge loss. Reciprocal formulas that occur as the initial technical process: these light projection formula, will not be achieved. Events that often happens is, the ignorance, the ability of the camera that is used, the lack of accuracy calculate the temperature as a whole, less rigorous comparison eskposure count, less technical exploration of the camera itself, and others. More earned longer when, event data defining the image is simply endless: “because of this: Art”, “Like” or “Do not Know”. However, actually not so, try to ‘look back’ closer, or ‘projected back’ with more detail and more carefully, in what recorded in the photo. What about the the Code of Ethics or the Norms? Vision, Aesthetics, and the Arts? Can be calculated? Think more sharp and sensitive / focus, in the study of photography to explore it. We must not forget, for the initial projection formulas was: Object – Projection – Focus, and: “We got it“.

One thing is easy, for example, by looking at code color data, (kelvin to psychological harmony) to understand Visual Perception that would affect the Social Perception. Psychology of Color Harmony, related to the understanding of perception other visual arts. And in fact, photography is the closest projection of that, in our lives. It is a journey and a very close and real and impact to a lot of things like social interaction. Vision defined as a separate formula that can be assessed and calculated. So, photography is a technically accurate data.

Two simple examples of the photos below: the first is of course demands, capture the moment with a point of view that I want. However, the suit would have been more complete if the overall technical photography can be defined with precision. Photographing with minimal light or strong light is the biggest problem in photography. Capabilities equipment of photography, will determine the image-acquisition projected object. This problem has affected the value of equivalent ability of our eyes to see / notice, decision / desire brains get a moment, and the performance of the camera accordingly. Consideration of equivalent value to the right decision is a very fast process for the conquest of the necessary technical photography, and it happened in ‘one-click’ or ‘a blink’ to acquire ‘one precious’ of the moment.

I refused to assessment photography result, when juxtaposed ‘luck factor’, which is often mentioned in revenues resulted from recording the moment: ‘precious one’ is. I appreciate and value all results photography (from anyone) began the conquest of the appropriate technical and rigorous in ‘the blink’ to get ‘precious one’ is. Value of Perception Aesthetics Visual Art or relative ‘worth’ was even then, not a value ‘extremely valuable’ which can not be defined the numbers. All can be calculated, because photography is a real imagery.

Rollback to technical advance: the seeing eye, the the brain wants, and camera determines the recording. I always vote, using data selection always NEF / Raw, due to very high range histogram area. It was necessary to adjust what the eyes see and brain will store up to photo printing. The lack of lighting at the moment of the above will result in: unfocused blur-under-exposure. Use ISO too high resulting ‘pixel’ slightly dilated / broken. Diaphragm, certainly can not be too ‘small’ or a big number, but I want a broad perspective on a 18mm lens on my Nikon D40x. Taking the point of view closer to the use of semi-telephoto lens (DOF be too cramped)-less profitable, because objects in low light and overcast early morning. White Balance, to be determined from the beginning, choosing the average value of each area (the darkest and brightest area) and locked it. See and observe with certainty, the shape of the object and the plot: a cloud-umbrella-man-all, into a unified pattern appropriate, in the view finder. Taking the point of view of a little down (frog-eyeview), for ‘stealing’ the value of a strong light from above (clouds / sky) to make it easier to get exposure and focus locking. And finally take a decision in moment, “one-click-the blink ‘, the’ blind ‘moment. As quickly as that all.


However, how the proceeds of photography, with the position of the object, which is great value of light, extremely strong? In fact, sometimes the camera was not really able to get the equivalent value technical accordingly. Sometimes even the best lens loses its focus accuracy. Even our eyes were forced to surrender to adapt the value of the real exposure. Color temperature and ability of the camera, into totally out of sync at all, but without looking at the view finder, we see the object in a state of clear and fine value equivalent light. Our eyes are almost never seen an object into a silhouette at 100% black or dark. Normal eye also no Vignetting black gradations, from the source of the sun light, to corner of the sky area, the resulting image on the frame. Either there are the under-normal-over on the light meter, or color metering.

Options in: color or black and white, is the initial energy that will be developed later on. Probably not too affected to the both photos above was looking silhouette. However, different from the photos that show a person’s face.

I no longer need to clarify the understanding of the two photographs in detail here. The intensity will be obtained on the intensity of the vision to see and observe, and it’s a long process. Photo effects color or black-and-white, artifacts on the normal rules and fairness in a system RGB code of the object itself, from: camera-eye-brain-memory-perception to analysis and assessment so on. Of technical projection, into vision perception to harmony, all is in continuous series ‘ratio of the number code of conduct’ and ‘assessment aesthetic art’, which can be calculated and defined. And this is the original art that comes from photography in the study of photography itself. From ‘how to see’ to ‘perspectives’, of the ‘technical’ to ‘perception’, and it is the projection formula.

One example where the value of the vision of photography into a visual energy when we make final decisions convey was contents photography:

“The strength of reciprocity energy, from the perception of value appreciation / interpretation of photography, can be calculated / determined by the sum of the values of light (spectrum) that goes into the brain-our memory, of the total value of strong colors / acquisition of light on the photographic work (in ‘EV’ / average acquisition value). Locking (focus) the appreciation, can conducted when we are intelligent, define the contents of the photos. How colorful, how black, as well as the definition of what, that happens / naturally in the photograph.

When the image is in color, the colors the consumption range, that consumed the eye and the brain, will be broader-global-wide circular. Than when, black and white, range ‘colors’ that consumed the brain, tend to be monotonous in one line (vertical / horizontal in one gradation), and more locked in strong light characteristics (temperature) black / white itself. And it’s all going to affect the mutual appreciation / interpretations of others’.

All the light is not absorbed by a prism, even black light, separated out into a continuum of different wavelengths or colors. The speed of light through the media is a function of the wavelength. When light passes through the surface at any angle other than ninety degrees, it causes the beam to spread. Black light (or ultraviolet light or UV) is part of the electromagnetic spectrum is divided into ranges from cosmic rays to radio waves. Visible light is a small part of the spectrum and has wavelengths between about 380 and 700 nanometers. UV wavelength range (1-340 nanometers).

That means-is naturally, black and white light spectrum, it has greater coverage-monotonous, easily identifiable yet solid, basic colors that require adaptation of time, vast infinite, ‘locked / stuck’ linearly. Black, I would not call it spectrum (photon) in visible light, while the white is a mixture (base) visible light. The power of interpretation of black-and-white photography was a ‘prisoner’ in the brain / memory / vision of our anatomy, so ultimately the appreciation that occurs can be calculated. And automatically, the intensity of the process of translating technical data will be longer and deeper interpretation value. Back again, how black and white photography, will be a technical ‘mystery of play’ to the appreciation of the memory / vision. When creating a black-and-white photography, also automatically, the process time will be relatively longer, and the appreciation would be relatively long period of time.

However, visible light, has a light spetrum circular structure, which can affect each other or opposite. Basically, visible light complementary, forms, and binds one color with another color. And it resulted in the appreciation of the extent of embracing the power, the freedom to build the narrative, and so on.

“All that physical influence electromagnetic spectrum of light that naturally also influences the psychology / vision. Uncertainty perception of vision, also because it does not focus on technical definition of photography as a whole.”

i see you…
and i will BIT! you….

I use red color data calculations, the kelvin, to gain / affect data psychic red too,-in the brain / memory. Completing the data contents with a title and played the character of some of the letters, to lock interpretation / appreciation of the narrative.

Analysis of the object: Focus-Red-Eyes-Face-Dental-Festival-Bali-expression.

Analysis of the event: It was, in a festival of art, I see the subject (person), I was interested in, ask permission photographing, he too is happy, then he is in action / expression, and I took pictures.

Analysis Interpretation: i see you … (see narrative: the power of the eye) active: see, passive: watching, and i will BIT! You …. : Bit-bite (in computer): bit-bite-byte: Data-meaning itself. This could mean connotative also for a specific purpose. “I’m watching you, and wait ‘a bite’ from me”, OR it could be: “I have your attention, and will give you something Data / Science, to you”.

Confirmation of an exclamation mark ‘!’-Serious / assertive, and three dots “…”-sustained, has multiple meanings (as unfamiliarity pattern / characteristics sign language itself).

Application Analysis: Red, surely dominate, because naturally, the most powerful red color temperature: Strong-length-shape-high-intensity-scale lighting systems. What will happen?…

From the title and narrative, of course there is specific purpose, to what / who it really means fixed (and it was a secret at least, because I did not mention the name / specific purpose), and so on. And all I have to say this, is at the limit of my own. What happen if people use it for the benefit and specific purpose anyway? Is the interpretation / appreciation would be the same?

However, these analyzes are still at an early stage, we can not stop, given the projection formula is: the law of reciprocity sustainable. For example: an object will be subject to when in photos, images projected into visual perception, from negative to positive, from stationary into moving, from silent to a million languages, and so forth.


‘Tedung’ – The Symbol of Shiva Soul.

A series of moments in a traditional Balinese ceremony, called a Ngaben, providing a mystical feel of each eyes is watching. Sadness is does not appear such as when main Ngaben ceremony was held. Ngaben is the cremation ceremony for the deceased. Among the flurry of the ceremony, I took the other side of the meaning of exotic umbrellas, which are complementary means of prayers.


The ceremony could be up for days carrying out a series of rituals. All depends on the calculation of the adjusted calculation date the applicable Calendar of the Moon in Bali. I took a moment on two different days are a series of event. And umbrellas for shade symbol is also called the Tedung, the symbol of God’s holy light, a symbol of the universe smelting activities, representation of Shiva. Also as a symbol of peace of the soul.



Photography is not recognize a technical of: Composition, -but it contains about any accuracy of: Proportion.  


I’m trying to make an exposure value in photography, the review: The proportion of the Code and Message. All pictures I created when I heard from a friend who told there will be a big event a series of ceremonies in traditional Balinese, ‘Ngaben’ ceremony, the ceremony to honor the death of a family.

I want to expressed, how important a photographer, expressed photography-related content the actualization of the representation of the value and content of photography, nicely. And tries to remind me to myself, expressed the contents of photography, will be a two sided blade. Photography functions, supposedly have never lied catch the object / reality, was able to change its interpretation. And that’s surprising. when the photographer is not careful, when expressed the results of photography.

Let us consider the example I captured it. Previously, let us affirm together that: photography function to record the object / moment only. But is also capturing the reality? The reality is defined as precisely the fact. Reality of or The fact, that how, which captured is? In the book On Photography (1977) – Susan Sontag said that, camera never lies in capturing the reality, and meaning: the results of photography is not never lied. All of us may understand and agree that on descriptions. But I want to reaffirm, in the language of earlier studies: Record a Moment / Objects – The reality – The fact – Lies / Not Lies – Factual? And words that a similar value, including Honestly and so forth, as on the proportion of camera performance and results. But again, I do not using The term of: Composition in Photography. However, photography is the study of: The Proportion and Content. Composition in Photography is, negative.


There are 3 pieces of captured photographs which I think is interesting, which is based on interest in the object: women, eye/vision, money, traditional, flowers, exotic, oriental, -there may be others, but I confine the appeal of the great. I choose the type of black & white in final editing to present the visual of mysticism, classical, and an exotic moment itself. The form of presentation I created to an Essay (serial).




This presentation is actually quite difficult to Photo Essay. There is a debate to select the photos on aspects of proportion: the format and medium; visual presentation; the ethics and messages, -in the writing / description of words, language and meaning, the contents of photography. All required accuracy and precision in presentation proportion and the results of form, which should be appropriate, for a definite purpose. Approximately, where the direction of the conversation contents of photography? Negative value of my photos (above), very wide possibilities of interpretation, but the positive is much more useful, if delivered with accuracy the proportion of these three aspects.

Let’s take a peeled one by one the contents of proportion, The photos are a result of the recording told a reality that happens, which is a traditional Balinese Ngaben ceremonies. In a religious ceremony that happened there, is a human relationship with God event globally: Ritual resignation with sincere and full of wisdom. Sure it’s good, a photographer knows the contents of the ritual. All of detail was necessary for recording the exact moment to complete. From the beginning to the end of the ritual, the photographer must attention to detail and the overall moment happens. It’s a challenge and completeness of the information by a photographer in the photographic result of later. And of course, the human relationship with God mysticism, became a major topic of presentation content proportions. All the mysticism that happened there, is the image of the exotic oriental culture. Mystery in the ritual was a major topic in the presentation of the photographic image will be. And this is the most interesting challenges.

Getting closer, and the more detailed the image stripping, is a fixed price. I personally do not understand correctly and mastered. I just did a global approach to recording it when the photography, to the moment.I believe that if only the above four photos were separated and used as a single photographs and ‘sole’, of the level of presentation, the proportion of its contents will be more difficult. The photos could be a wrong interpretation, if less detailed explanations. Less detail all the facts were there, would be a negative distortion to many interpretations. The photos can be used as a negative propaganda media, although there are realities that are identical with the fact or the facts which are really happening / it is. But on the other side, the reality can be distorted into a negative and rejected as well. Reality that is true, but an assessment of: review of factual content need to be investigated more deeply. It all is regarding the procedure of the proportions are presented. A purpose of writing: the title and the narrative, is indispensable.

 Image  Image

I do tried to take a certain proportion of the role and limitations of information and experiences that happened there at that time. Interests will be the basic thing why I photographed. I am conscious, that it is very difficult to get a factual details of the entire contents of the prayers. Interest in traditional events like that, of course was based my experience on the equation of moments, which until the present case. I do not restricted the movement angle. However, here I’ve been able to choose, what kind of moment, and I should get more interesting than usual. From which side, what kind of lighting, how the proportion of the format, sharpness and depth of how, and from side moment pencitraaan like, going into the details of the final exposure to the proportion of my photography. And the most important thing is: Why did I choose that moment.

Granted, I want to take all, but the priority for this time is, on a slightly different than I’ve ever got before. It could be something different from it due to boredom factor, because of the similarity moment, or indeed I want to be different from result of the photographs which were before its, or also because I want all come into more highly detailed. The last factor can be a wild and sometimes out of control in the recording of these moments, but necessary. When doing photography, side of serenity, is a room for me, and I always try to create a calm situation. This is particularly useful for forming keobyektifitasan moment. I do have to be careful and selective form a comfortable momentum fairness between me and the objects / moments that I will record. And is due to a tool called: Camera.

I want to make the most of fairness, and minimizing errors that occur, caused by the recording device (camera) itself. It’s very important to be aware, because the camera can be an instrument of provocation, and boosters / distorting the reality of moments. The photographer must aware this. The camera is a tool that blind and dumb at first. Cameras only record and move the projected image in front of it. Camera, can be a abusive instrument. Cameras, can contributed to some situation, become an additional means of another socialite imagery, or to forming excessive manipulation of the moment. And all it takes experience to be dedicated strictly continuously. Whatever happens there, is negative and the positive message that needs to be aware of as a blessing that is enough. The message can appear simultaneously, one by one, or alternately. Of detail as it is, a blessing from the universe to be described, to knowing its contents and meaning of the most basic things. This is the mysticism of a photography recording device that contains a lot of real science has always been: positive. Positive is the actual imagery, both physical (visual result) and the meaning behind it. 


The effects of negative and positive values are, formula code spectrum of light itself, has existed since photography was discovered. Physical impact there is also a role, the impact of non-physical. And it is be mandatory photographer and all those concerned in it for the better know, aware and understand. All very mathematical and real. Be digested in the human mind closely. This means when the role of photography as a means of ‘shifting moment’ from the projection process is technically, become: visuals studies are very varied. The extent to which roles are available? All because, Proportion: ‘under-normal-over from the basic techniques’ exposure‘, and: ‘negative-fair-positive to achieve the ‘experience‘ the most deeply. Experience that understood in the words and meanings. Exposure that understood as a dedication to science. Experience to take side of thinking something. Both have values of tolerance and the proportion of each.

For me, whatever happens in there, either negative or positive image the role of recording the image, should not be used as a means of manipulation provocative, especially on self-interest of certain groups. There is no manipulation of the value of nature to provoke a momentary interest. Recording the proportion of the projected image on the right the a dedicated photographer demands. And required patience and perseverance are amazing. Affect a person’s sense of discomfort in excess is a form of provocation, and vice versa. The camera is able to make history, to see past, present and even the future, on moment was recorded. All of this is simple: Recording / ‘removal’ from the moment an image projection technique. And it the photography, recording result projection, which exist only on the acquisition: ‘one of precious’.


“It’s supposed to be, a photographer took the role and the experience itself. Do not have to becomes feel important on the ‘one precoius’ moment, and take on the role its own, improper. My Orientalist culture provides many lessons from the two sides of the ethical code that is always considered. Because I experienced it, and be smart in making it all proportion, with appropriate content. If you want to play, take that experience and details directly, not through or use of the pictures were just for the sake of a moment. Learn it nicely, do not be hasty. And then, show to the world.”

Tributes to: Susan Sontag, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and my Family.

The Mystical of Photography

Photography contains a mystic in a matter of mathematics.


Photography is a technically simple dedication, but rigorous. Record the moments in front of the eye. That’s it. Read with exact accuracy, synchronizing the optical eye and technical arrangements necessary light on the final result, is an initial alignment. Enjoy the original color of the object, in a matter of strong light in degrees temperature: Kelvin, is an experience that will be moved, to be enjoyed in a particular form. And it is a series of technical systems.

Photography has many codes, that live, in every dimension recorded in it. It’s such a difficult mystical mystery, but it can presented in the calculation of mathematical numbers. When a beautiful red sunset is recorded, the red color has a code containing the exact figure, in standard temperature of light, which is calculated in the optimization of Colour Meter / kelvin degrees, with the exact. And this, adjust the original of the eyes that see / that would automatically involved to record in brain (memory). At this initial technical, the precise value of tolerance is needed on the accuracy of the results.


I’ve never made a specific concept, at the time of photographing the object. I just enjoy the moment by moment in front of my eyes. And I take pictures of objects such as interest to be recorded as precisely as possible. What I think is, how strong is the light at that time. How strong the light when it occurs, will affect the process and results of photography. Our eyes have almost no tolerance color of the object: zero (empty) that means no light on the object. That means, at any moment / object going in the photo, has an average value of gradation levels dimensional synchronization objects close together at the end of photography. And photographic equipment is still very limited capabilities. When we violate the boundaries of technical rules that required a strong light, what happens is, we lose a moment the accuracy of the details of that object. That’s a loss (minus), and also big mistake in the first step.

Just one example in which I experienced. I am conscious, when taking pictures of people are surfing, I certainly do not see many details important moment, when water is split by a surf board. The focus of my eyes would often towards people who are playing the surfing. I have to observe a moment, at all incidence of there. The main focus definitely lies in how interesting the surfers in action when the moment has to be recorded. And of course, when it happens, my eyes may not notice how much or where the location of splashing water is located. The precision to freezing at just: ‘precious one’ (when recording on all the details and moments for sure, and that ensued)-will not be determined. It is a ‘blank’ – a momentary blink of our eyes and very precious and valuable.


And this is (probably) “a fortune” – which I did not imagine before. Splashing water, which were not initially visible to the eye, it was recorded into unique patterns that I could not see before. Patterns were apparent in the process of editing, when I recalculate (observe again – redefine) the value of tolerance, how strong the color on the dimensions of the object, in a more accurate count of the colour measure. All combined with the brightness – contrast – curves – saturation – and so, in the table: Histogram. A factor of which is very valuable and also determine is: my brain memory, which at that time involved recording all those moments. And I make a combination of definition, should be a detailed and accurate. Because of the lack of the ability of the camera, in the beginning, the dimensions of the water and the sky looks flat / merge, and it’s usually just the result. But when I returned how-dimensional exploration of strong color of the sky and the water, here’s the results. In some results, I made a dramatic Vignetting on the ratio of square format. That’s because I just managed to read the value adjustment on the color accuracy of a color object detail there. I record the unique patterns that did not initially visible when doing a preview on location shooting. I hope you all can do it too. It’s Amazing!




 I always write back about the meaning of photography it myself with a dedication that perhaps there are still many shortcomings. For me, photography is a dedication of the measured projection values of honesty and value figures in higher mathematics. I have not been able to translate in detail what the function of photography in my life, but at least I continue to explore it. For me personally, photography is not just capture a moment longer and then have fun enjoying the ‘beauty / aesthetic’ or ‘art / harmony’ inside. Because of the beauty in them, is a science that I have shelled continuously. And there is no limit, without having to pick and choose the space and time.

At one time, photography is a personalization of the object which I recorded. Then occurred to me: On a point of conversation that the: ‘The Universe’ is talking, and convey its personal message to me, through: the moment of ‘precious one’ in a photograph (containing the code of light) that I earn.


Makepung, A Traditional Balinese Buffalo Racing.


3 o’clock in the morning, me and my friends getting into the city named the Negara in Bali. It takes at least 3 hours from Denpasar to reach the location of buffaloes racing game, known here as Makepung. The flurry of buffaloes racing unique traditional performances typical of this country town, has been seen since 6 am. Located in an area with paddy fields, this Makepung was held.


At around 7 am, the race began. Previously a lot of preparation done by the participants. Beginning of the ceremony according to local belief, respectively, with a unique dressing buffaloes, and check all the other preparations.


The background of this race is a time of joy after the harvest. Its history is held by two blocks of the local village sides. A participant using two buffaloes to pull carts behind them, driven by a jockey in the cart behind. The winner is determined by way ahead of the opponent in front of it which is about 10 meters, or if it is able to shorten the distance, but not beyond it. Otherwise the series (draw) if they stay the same distance to the end of the finish line.