Makepung, A Traditional Balinese Buffalo Racing.


3 o’clock in the morning, me and my friends getting into the city named the Negara in Bali. It takes at least 3 hours from Denpasar to reach the location of buffaloes racing game, known here as Makepung. The flurry of buffaloes racing unique traditional performances typical of this country town, has been seen since 6 am. Located in an area with paddy fields, this Makepung was held.


At around 7 am, the race began. Previously a lot of preparation done by the participants. Beginning of the ceremony according to local belief, respectively, with a unique dressing buffaloes, and check all the other preparations.


The background of this race is a time of joy after the harvest. Its history is held by two blocks of the local village sides. A participant using two buffaloes to pull carts behind them, driven by a jockey in the cart behind. The winner is determined by way ahead of the opponent in front of it which is about 10 meters, or if it is able to shorten the distance, but not beyond it. Otherwise the series (draw) if they stay the same distance to the end of the finish line.


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