The Mystical of Photography

Photography contains a mystic in a matter of mathematics.


Photography is a technically simple dedication, but rigorous. Record the moments in front of the eye. That’s it. Read with exact accuracy, synchronizing the optical eye and technical arrangements necessary light on the final result, is an initial alignment. Enjoy the original color of the object, in a matter of strong light in degrees temperature: Kelvin, is an experience that will be moved, to be enjoyed in a particular form. And it is a series of technical systems.

Photography has many codes, that live, in every dimension recorded in it. It’s such a difficult mystical mystery, but it can presented in the calculation of mathematical numbers. When a beautiful red sunset is recorded, the red color has a code containing the exact figure, in standard temperature of light, which is calculated in the optimization of Colour Meter / kelvin degrees, with the exact. And this, adjust the original of the eyes that see / that would automatically involved to record in brain (memory). At this initial technical, the precise value of tolerance is needed on the accuracy of the results.


I’ve never made a specific concept, at the time of photographing the object. I just enjoy the moment by moment in front of my eyes. And I take pictures of objects such as interest to be recorded as precisely as possible. What I think is, how strong is the light at that time. How strong the light when it occurs, will affect the process and results of photography. Our eyes have almost no tolerance color of the object: zero (empty) that means no light on the object. That means, at any moment / object going in the photo, has an average value of gradation levels dimensional synchronization objects close together at the end of photography. And photographic equipment is still very limited capabilities. When we violate the boundaries of technical rules that required a strong light, what happens is, we lose a moment the accuracy of the details of that object. That’s a loss (minus), and also big mistake in the first step.

Just one example in which I experienced. I am conscious, when taking pictures of people are surfing, I certainly do not see many details important moment, when water is split by a surf board. The focus of my eyes would often towards people who are playing the surfing. I have to observe a moment, at all incidence of there. The main focus definitely lies in how interesting the surfers in action when the moment has to be recorded. And of course, when it happens, my eyes may not notice how much or where the location of splashing water is located. The precision to freezing at just: ‘precious one’ (when recording on all the details and moments for sure, and that ensued)-will not be determined. It is a ‘blank’ – a momentary blink of our eyes and very precious and valuable.


And this is (probably) “a fortune” – which I did not imagine before. Splashing water, which were not initially visible to the eye, it was recorded into unique patterns that I could not see before. Patterns were apparent in the process of editing, when I recalculate (observe again – redefine) the value of tolerance, how strong the color on the dimensions of the object, in a more accurate count of the colour measure. All combined with the brightness – contrast – curves – saturation – and so, in the table: Histogram. A factor of which is very valuable and also determine is: my brain memory, which at that time involved recording all those moments. And I make a combination of definition, should be a detailed and accurate. Because of the lack of the ability of the camera, in the beginning, the dimensions of the water and the sky looks flat / merge, and it’s usually just the result. But when I returned how-dimensional exploration of strong color of the sky and the water, here’s the results. In some results, I made a dramatic Vignetting on the ratio of square format. That’s because I just managed to read the value adjustment on the color accuracy of a color object detail there. I record the unique patterns that did not initially visible when doing a preview on location shooting. I hope you all can do it too. It’s Amazing!




 I always write back about the meaning of photography it myself with a dedication that perhaps there are still many shortcomings. For me, photography is a dedication of the measured projection values of honesty and value figures in higher mathematics. I have not been able to translate in detail what the function of photography in my life, but at least I continue to explore it. For me personally, photography is not just capture a moment longer and then have fun enjoying the ‘beauty / aesthetic’ or ‘art / harmony’ inside. Because of the beauty in them, is a science that I have shelled continuously. And there is no limit, without having to pick and choose the space and time.

At one time, photography is a personalization of the object which I recorded. Then occurred to me: On a point of conversation that the: ‘The Universe’ is talking, and convey its personal message to me, through: the moment of ‘precious one’ in a photograph (containing the code of light) that I earn.



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