Photography is not recognize a technical of: Composition, -but it contains about any accuracy of: Proportion.  


I’m trying to make an exposure value in photography, the review: The proportion of the Code and Message. All pictures I created when I heard from a friend who told there will be a big event a series of ceremonies in traditional Balinese, ‘Ngaben’ ceremony, the ceremony to honor the death of a family.

I want to expressed, how important a photographer, expressed photography-related content the actualization of the representation of the value and content of photography, nicely. And tries to remind me to myself, expressed the contents of photography, will be a two sided blade. Photography functions, supposedly have never lied catch the object / reality, was able to change its interpretation. And that’s surprising. when the photographer is not careful, when expressed the results of photography.

Let us consider the example I captured it. Previously, let us affirm together that: photography function to record the object / moment only. But is also capturing the reality? The reality is defined as precisely the fact. Reality of or The fact, that how, which captured is? In the book On Photography (1977) – Susan Sontag said that, camera never lies in capturing the reality, and meaning: the results of photography is not never lied. All of us may understand and agree that on descriptions. But I want to reaffirm, in the language of earlier studies: Record a Moment / Objects – The reality – The fact – Lies / Not Lies – Factual? And words that a similar value, including Honestly and so forth, as on the proportion of camera performance and results. But again, I do not using The term of: Composition in Photography. However, photography is the study of: The Proportion and Content. Composition in Photography is, negative.


There are 3 pieces of captured photographs which I think is interesting, which is based on interest in the object: women, eye/vision, money, traditional, flowers, exotic, oriental, -there may be others, but I confine the appeal of the great. I choose the type of black & white in final editing to present the visual of mysticism, classical, and an exotic moment itself. The form of presentation I created to an Essay (serial).




This presentation is actually quite difficult to Photo Essay. There is a debate to select the photos on aspects of proportion: the format and medium; visual presentation; the ethics and messages, -in the writing / description of words, language and meaning, the contents of photography. All required accuracy and precision in presentation proportion and the results of form, which should be appropriate, for a definite purpose. Approximately, where the direction of the conversation contents of photography? Negative value of my photos (above), very wide possibilities of interpretation, but the positive is much more useful, if delivered with accuracy the proportion of these three aspects.

Let’s take a peeled one by one the contents of proportion, The photos are a result of the recording told a reality that happens, which is a traditional Balinese Ngaben ceremonies. In a religious ceremony that happened there, is a human relationship with God event globally: Ritual resignation with sincere and full of wisdom. Sure it’s good, a photographer knows the contents of the ritual. All of detail was necessary for recording the exact moment to complete. From the beginning to the end of the ritual, the photographer must attention to detail and the overall moment happens. It’s a challenge and completeness of the information by a photographer in the photographic result of later. And of course, the human relationship with God mysticism, became a major topic of presentation content proportions. All the mysticism that happened there, is the image of the exotic oriental culture. Mystery in the ritual was a major topic in the presentation of the photographic image will be. And this is the most interesting challenges.

Getting closer, and the more detailed the image stripping, is a fixed price. I personally do not understand correctly and mastered. I just did a global approach to recording it when the photography, to the moment.I believe that if only the above four photos were separated and used as a single photographs and ‘sole’, of the level of presentation, the proportion of its contents will be more difficult. The photos could be a wrong interpretation, if less detailed explanations. Less detail all the facts were there, would be a negative distortion to many interpretations. The photos can be used as a negative propaganda media, although there are realities that are identical with the fact or the facts which are really happening / it is. But on the other side, the reality can be distorted into a negative and rejected as well. Reality that is true, but an assessment of: review of factual content need to be investigated more deeply. It all is regarding the procedure of the proportions are presented. A purpose of writing: the title and the narrative, is indispensable.

 Image  Image

I do tried to take a certain proportion of the role and limitations of information and experiences that happened there at that time. Interests will be the basic thing why I photographed. I am conscious, that it is very difficult to get a factual details of the entire contents of the prayers. Interest in traditional events like that, of course was based my experience on the equation of moments, which until the present case. I do not restricted the movement angle. However, here I’ve been able to choose, what kind of moment, and I should get more interesting than usual. From which side, what kind of lighting, how the proportion of the format, sharpness and depth of how, and from side moment pencitraaan like, going into the details of the final exposure to the proportion of my photography. And the most important thing is: Why did I choose that moment.

Granted, I want to take all, but the priority for this time is, on a slightly different than I’ve ever got before. It could be something different from it due to boredom factor, because of the similarity moment, or indeed I want to be different from result of the photographs which were before its, or also because I want all come into more highly detailed. The last factor can be a wild and sometimes out of control in the recording of these moments, but necessary. When doing photography, side of serenity, is a room for me, and I always try to create a calm situation. This is particularly useful for forming keobyektifitasan moment. I do have to be careful and selective form a comfortable momentum fairness between me and the objects / moments that I will record. And is due to a tool called: Camera.

I want to make the most of fairness, and minimizing errors that occur, caused by the recording device (camera) itself. It’s very important to be aware, because the camera can be an instrument of provocation, and boosters / distorting the reality of moments. The photographer must aware this. The camera is a tool that blind and dumb at first. Cameras only record and move the projected image in front of it. Camera, can be a abusive instrument. Cameras, can contributed to some situation, become an additional means of another socialite imagery, or to forming excessive manipulation of the moment. And all it takes experience to be dedicated strictly continuously. Whatever happens there, is negative and the positive message that needs to be aware of as a blessing that is enough. The message can appear simultaneously, one by one, or alternately. Of detail as it is, a blessing from the universe to be described, to knowing its contents and meaning of the most basic things. This is the mysticism of a photography recording device that contains a lot of real science has always been: positive. Positive is the actual imagery, both physical (visual result) and the meaning behind it. 


The effects of negative and positive values are, formula code spectrum of light itself, has existed since photography was discovered. Physical impact there is also a role, the impact of non-physical. And it is be mandatory photographer and all those concerned in it for the better know, aware and understand. All very mathematical and real. Be digested in the human mind closely. This means when the role of photography as a means of ‘shifting moment’ from the projection process is technically, become: visuals studies are very varied. The extent to which roles are available? All because, Proportion: ‘under-normal-over from the basic techniques’ exposure‘, and: ‘negative-fair-positive to achieve the ‘experience‘ the most deeply. Experience that understood in the words and meanings. Exposure that understood as a dedication to science. Experience to take side of thinking something. Both have values of tolerance and the proportion of each.

For me, whatever happens in there, either negative or positive image the role of recording the image, should not be used as a means of manipulation provocative, especially on self-interest of certain groups. There is no manipulation of the value of nature to provoke a momentary interest. Recording the proportion of the projected image on the right the a dedicated photographer demands. And required patience and perseverance are amazing. Affect a person’s sense of discomfort in excess is a form of provocation, and vice versa. The camera is able to make history, to see past, present and even the future, on moment was recorded. All of this is simple: Recording / ‘removal’ from the moment an image projection technique. And it the photography, recording result projection, which exist only on the acquisition: ‘one of precious’.


“It’s supposed to be, a photographer took the role and the experience itself. Do not have to becomes feel important on the ‘one precoius’ moment, and take on the role its own, improper. My Orientalist culture provides many lessons from the two sides of the ethical code that is always considered. Because I experienced it, and be smart in making it all proportion, with appropriate content. If you want to play, take that experience and details directly, not through or use of the pictures were just for the sake of a moment. Learn it nicely, do not be hasty. And then, show to the world.”

Tributes to: Susan Sontag, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and my Family.



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