‘Tedung’ – The Symbol of Shiva Soul.

A series of moments in a traditional Balinese ceremony, called a Ngaben, providing a mystical feel of each eyes is watching. Sadness is does not appear such as when main Ngaben ceremony was held. Ngaben is the cremation ceremony for the deceased. Among the flurry of the ceremony, I took the other side of the meaning of exotic umbrellas, which are complementary means of prayers.


The ceremony could be up for days carrying out a series of rituals. All depends on the calculation of the adjusted calculation date the applicable Calendar of the Moon in Bali. I took a moment on two different days are a series of event. And umbrellas for shade symbol is also called the Tedung, the symbol of God’s holy light, a symbol of the universe smelting activities, representation of Shiva. Also as a symbol of peace of the soul.


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