I Remember to my 1st Time Moments

For some reason, all of a sudden, I woke up and remembered a past event. Dreaming, meet old friends in the past, where we had met, and do something for the photographic work. Future lectures are fun, but also quite boring, I do not want to linger there. Peering knowledge-art of photography others elsewhere, in search of experience, knowledge, moments and objects that I want. Dreaming, stunned for a moment, to interpret, and smiling, the limitations of my vision, then feel it, all like making the definition, appreciation, interpreting a photographic essay, and stir photo frame by frame. A cup of coffee in the morning is always accompanied, scenic rice fields, bustling with the sound of things, to drive away the birds eating rice.

I then took several old photographs, which may be more enlightening my memories of the past, and there might be something worthwhile ‘projected’ from there, so I dreamed. “Projection”, a word which I think is very valuable, because I’m exploring it, to come back and identify creative: photography-art. A challenge which I left decades to work, and back more to explore it in mid-2009. And I votes, I am left far behind, and must immediately exist again, equating the position of achievement, or do something more. Projection-an interesting word because I work for photography. Some of the photography I have to appear more, to show my presence. I did a few activities, and photography exhibition in Bali. Publish photographs through a magazine, or world wide, from simple to complex concepts. But that’s not enough, I had to show it to the world, because photography is the exploration of reality and the real world. However, as well, in fact, photography is not only investigated the results ‘positive’ in a frame, photography also has something ‘negative’ and ‘invisible’. And it’s interesting.

Some old pictures are finally interesting to observe me long enough, in my photographic work entitled ‘If Nothing To Do’. The work that I kinda forgot exactly, when / what year making (probably 1998-1999)-because the records of some of the exhibits, I’ve participated at that time, (exhibition on the campus of ISI Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Arts Festival, in the exhibition ‘Langkah’ early Mes56 released, and culminating in the exhibition ‘Revolusi #9’ at Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara Jakarta ). However, I remember well  the content of the photo, what-where-how, who, and why I photograph. It was fun, see the photos of the past for future exploration.


If Nothing To Do

I still remember: This is a photo using Ilford HP5 plus for the first time, and when it did, I miscalculated the time of the development process, so the results are more over, making it rather difficult process of printing. I do not know where the original work and the negative film, it’s was so long ago, there may be long in the storage box, one day I would look more.

Why do I take pictures of this object?-Called subjects in the photos afterwards. A boredom me and my friends, 2 to 4 hour lectures in college, and after that, sleeping during the day. And late afternoon until early evening hours, usually just talk to any of the photographic work. Once upon a time, on campus learning courses, and I want to find an object photography (hunting) and go over to our gathering, in Mess Auri Jl. Kolonel Sugiono No. 56 Jogja – (Mes56). Times is still relatively early (around 10 am) as the light broke in through the window. I saw someone who was still sleeping, and he was still asleep: Angki, such as habits we’ve had done before: stay up till morning – waking up late for lectures. I had fun photographed since the position of him arms and legs, forming a specific pattern on the relatively low lighting. Ricoh KR-5 with 35mm lens f. 2.8, first-camera -also borrowing from family, being my favorite camera during college. Maybe up to 10 times frame shots,-and to measure the amount of film 36 frames at that time is a waste. Two interesting frame I made from fad that is, the hands and feet, and printed in the darkroom, on the best paper Ilford double weight type, and arranged horizontally.

Foot and Hand is a subject that represents the interpretation of many things. Foot, for walking step, and move. Hand, give more active sense of the activity and the determination of the action symbol of something activities. But in this photo, I present interpretation of the feet and hands on activities that stalled without activities. Without a ‘command from the brain’ to do activities. Without a ‘projection’ certain, so that the feet and hands remained silence. Nothing to be done-if nothing to do, and it is calculated the number 0 (zero). It may be so, however, because people need a rest, but for me, too valuable these days without activities. A contradiction between my values and subject -Foot and Hand were without activities. He slept comfortably, I anxious to move to find an object shooting with hunting out there. The feet and hands are still, Brain and Mind are restless. An interesting comparison projections, if made chart-picture projection formula, it might be like diagram Pin Hole camera. Projected energy triggers versus the alternating formula (reciprocal).

And then, I noticed an other interesting photo. Maybe this one is a bit opposed to my picture above. Photo below, occurred when I was in college as well. Except this time me and my friends there, have a substantial excess energy, full of imagination, ideas, and always challenged to achieve a certain creativity. Projection of ideas and interpretations that arise from the brain / memory / vision should be realized tangible and identifiable in photography. Reverse projection from: Object / Image Projection (photo above) and Imajination / Idea Projection.

And, as this is the result, please you value yourself, perhaps the exact title is: After 10th Bottles – When We were (become) Young.



2 thoughts on “I Remember to my 1st Time Moments

  1. Potret orang-orang dekat, seperti teman dan keluarga adalah langkah awal setiap fotografer bagus yang saya kenal. Mereka memahami manusia lewat orang-orang terdekatnya dulu dan kemudian melangkah dunia keluar dengan modal itu.

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