I’m Lost in Paradise

Stunned my memory, when exactly the first time I came to this place. More than ten years elapsed. And now, perhaps thousands, of my footprints ever there, made an impression, and drift waves swept along the coastal sands. With friends, family, and beloved first, we often take time, enjoy the warmth of the sun, until the evening came over. As though this heart stalled, hearing the waves that seemed to always calling me. As though binding my legs, so I could not get to go anywhere else. The sand and the waves, as if giving a touch of a soothing massage, spoil my feet were tired. Rustle of the wind, as if caressing my head, and emptied all that burdensome, and blew, and took away all its problems.


Lay down for a moment, my body is weary, to the fevered sand. Rested for a moment, my legs, which began weakly. Dreaming for a moment, a girl to accompany this long journey. Where the wind will blow? May I go hovering with her and landed in the sand, the ocean in another land? Perhaps, unlike the warm sun there, but may I feel her touch? Do I should be able reveals the mystery of it first? This dream it still feels concentrated, and I had to go to the other, and see it from a distance.




Among the clouds, the sand, the wind, the waves, and the sun in Kuta Beach, Bali. Will these legs, strong to step return, to take a journey that is still far? Will my arms and shoulders, still strongly shore up the load? Growing increasingly felt and folded? Viewed This between black clouds, the sun peeked, and the wind had become stronger in. Is it a sign of impending rainfall? Lay down mind, where to go? Is there an expectation that there behind the clouds? Am I lost? Is this is how the natural should give her affection? Is this a natural and equal blend of? Such as how the expression face of that light? Many do not I understand between the dark there, but I want to know. I want to go, because I have to go.



3 thoughts on “I’m Lost in Paradise

  1. What beautiful shots and interesting text inspired by a wonderful place.

    Thanks for sharing.

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