To The Owner of The Light and Rainbows, i do beLieve


“Hi”, there came a voice of someone greeting me. However, I can not find a face, the owner of that voice, it’s because I’m blind, but I can see many colors. The colors that tell me everything. Colors will voice yearning, colors of peace.

“Hey …, I’m here, right in front of you,” her voice was echoing, in the recesses of reached into my soul. Melodious voice, but I still do not see the outline of her face, which has the voice. I just see the colors are linked to the fragrant morning dew sparkling like jewels.

What I views only the colors of leaves on the trees, which danced blown by the wind, and occasionally seen a few strands of her petals fall. Like the sound of little bells chiming, melodious and echoing. The colors are bright red chap to me. The colors purple mysteries summed up inside the shadow of the trees.

“What’s the matter with you? Why not answer greetings from me? Why not look at me, to see me here, and greeted me in Salam?”. The same voice heard again, and it seems increasingly felt closer to me. Sound color looks more purple increasingly shinning. The wind blows from the rainbow hung, leaped running, behind the clouds.

I also can not be answered, because I was dumb and could not say a word. I could only whistle whispered, I could only whistle softly, talk to the wind which was turning blue, and kissed the yellowish color in the morning, accompanied by birds singing. How was the way I answered the call was that? Who was she? What color, should I give for her? My mouth could only breathe the spirit, to the serene souls, with the bright colors. How do I know what to say, when my tongue is made from the fire of romance that is always burning? Its just light up, when it comes to the dark eerie night. And it’s not for you, not for now, O my dear who have a purple color of in. It’s still early morning, and the rainbow in there, is still much flashing their beauty.

My eyes only see a rainbow emerging from the clouds and a grove of trees. My tongue and my mouth is like a sword, that ready to cleave coldness of walls of the heart, that froze. How should I greet you, the color of the soul, the owner of the purple?

“Hi … see, and look at me, hug me, touch me, take your hands on me, and reach me flying into your rainbows. A melodious voice that now surround whispered, blinding me, increasingly color of this restlessness, flushed. “I’m here for you, can I embraced, and rely on your shoulder?”. Increasingly voice it looks to be gray, become clouded, which contains water droplets of rain, in the morning that still warm.


And I was stunned, remained silent could not say, and did not see anyone here. Only the sound of the melodious wind, heard the tones of romance, which brings news from across the land, visible reddish pink color. Step back in and whispered words to the dragonflies and butterflies flying around me. They just smiled coquettishly, while flapping their wings hill, “Fly, fly with us, wherever you want”. Fly? Whither? I do not have wings. Even the hand has also tired, seemed to not want to move. “Fly! fly to the colors of the mainland across the sea. Fly with memories of past colors’s, where the rainbow begins”. Melodious tinkling sound twigs of treesthe more boisterous heard, and the small the rainbow bouncing between the leaves and branches.

How I can fly, with too lot of burden on my shoulder? These legs are feels iffy and feeble, moreover to stepping a journey, and jump flying into the clouds? This Legs which badly scratched on the ride in rough and steep rocky. But who are you the owner of that voice? The smell of your body like seaweed covered with fragrant flowers of the seven continents. The color is greenish purple scented deep blue like the ocean. Your voice is like a thousand years of yearning melodic, and as no stranger to me. Glowing red and pink color in shades of gray partly clouds.

Forgive me sincerely. Please forgive me, who was blind and did not greeting to you. I only see the color of which melodious voice, and smell your color in the ocean. Forgive me my dear, I hope someday, I would to take you to fly back, to the clouds that have the rainbow. Please, stay here, do not be bored, though I fell silent without a word, and let the rainbow will show the color and light to me. So that one day, I will see, and recognize you again.



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