Photography, do not have to have a concept? Or Photography should need the concept? The concept on photography or photography on the concept? The concept is like what, and how? Photography is like what? What is the definition of the concept, to photography? So many questions arise at this time and more critical, calling the concept to photography, in one assessment. Which is correct: Photography requires a concept, or concepts need photography? For what is the concept? And for what, Photography? Where the first initial, concept or photography? Where it comes from, The concept? And where it comes from, Photography? Just look at it: is a basic formula Projection!

In the photography is more appropriately called: Proportion of Contents, which must be defined, and the The concept, sensitivity (psychophysics) – Visual Perception, Intuition-defined further. Knowledge can describe (in invisiblelight / electromagnetic spectrum) related, and can be calculated. A thin boundaries, as explained in a simple projection scheme.

Photography, almost said never knew the definition of ‘concept design’ or ‘concepts of perception’, even ‘concept art-form’ though-because ‘pure photography’ does not know the composition, manipulate, reorder, to create a moment,-though unfortunately, photography can not ‘choose their own’, a natural moment, which people often mention the wisdom factor. Photography and cameras will be ‘greedy’ without compromise, projecting anything.

Photography can be completely silent, not saying anything, and dumb, blind, meaningless, indiscriminately. All will be projected, and will be recorded, because photography is the projection of the spectrum of light / electromagnetic. The shape and appearance of photography as what to be produced and presented? And what is underlying these shots? How to projected? Do be printed to a specific media, or is projected to return it? (via the monitor, projector, or other).

Photography, derived from: ‘Seeing the object / moment’, and the The concept, comes from within: ‘brain / memory / vision’. Photography, from the visible light spectrum, while the The concept, (which is actually the definition of an investigation of knowledge) derived from definisiinvisible light-after image (invisible light). Which do you want to choose to be shown? Choosing a challenge because of the shape, or which are attractive?

People understand a The concept as an idea, experience, vision, and ‘inspiration’-so very precious and hard to define. However, the keyword all, comes from our brain, is not it? In the brain, there is no visible light that RGB, but invisible light (electromagnetic spectrum) that our eyes can not define it. What our brains generate? How is the performance of brain function?

How about an ‘interest’? Subjectivity? Perspective? In the Photography can be defined in terms of: Point of View (angle-DOF), Objectivity (point of focus / view / interest), and Proportion (Projected). All of this is like the story of ‘the white light’ against ‘world of darkness’ in particular fiction. But it is a process of conquest resistance technical and much of the code defines the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light accurately and invisible light-afterimage.

Photography: Be realistic about, art: takes on a imaginative, visual works: to be enjoyed, as well as most other basic things: object / moment: see a detailed, sound: Hear its harmony, writing: to be read and translated.

Which one should we chosen and using? Study raised, is located from the position we see it, feel, and define it. Obviously we want to get more appreciation and successfully convey all, the flow of information and certain communications. Initial failure is when we allow photography remained silent, and did not say anything, because it does not defined in detail. Being blind without meaning, because it does not defines its knowledge assessment in the photo. And finally there are only two possibilities: the photographs would be ‘dead’, or the photographs will survive on its own, taking a wider role for boundless energy, and it may, in use by someone else.



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