Photography, among the ‘Fine Art’ and ‘Contemporary’

Photography of the ‘Fine-Art’:

Before the terms: ‘Solargraphy‘ that became ‘Photography‘, using combinations of words: ‘photography’ and ‘fine art’ – is probably the most ancient appearance. That may be because the artists-visual art, want a definition of ‘fit’ for art activities for them. Among photographers may also be divided into two, the photographers who want a rigorous science and who want practicality alone. Photography developed and used predominantly for journalists, even though in the beginning, developed by the artists visual art, and other scientists. Thus, the definition of early photography very identical with journalism, namely: only recording moment (event) or object. Photography-fine art, is the designation for artists art with fine art / visual art, which use certain recording devices. While the ‘fine-art’ for the photographer, is the art of photography itself, in terms of the beauty of the photography that is not journalism. In the world, it may be agreed upon, even not yet widely standardized, when discussing the word ‘Photo’ means also identical to talk about, ‘Photography’. Just how the definition further.

Me personally, try to mention in full, namely photography, which means I should be able to and know, in all the topics, the definition and scope of performance. That’s because I work using basic recording equipment that use the ‘visible light’ is RGB. I could also add a reference to another term, when there are other aspects involved such as: Concept. In the previous topics, a concept appear in areas that are not ‘visible light’ is RGB. And it’s supposed to be my assignment, all must be defined. But again, the most basic thing: an Agreements. Defining all the words and intent necessary to have an agreement. Photography of the ‘fine art’ whether it will be called the Photo-Art or Art Photos?

In essence, for the artists, fine art, photography use is not for an journalistic recording. They do not want to use the codification definisian strict in technical photography. In the basic performance photography, reality (factual) actually happened, focus, detail, normality in the study of light meter, and so forth, are not preferred by artists. Stiffness standard definition photography, complicating the of artistic space. Factual journalism in the current study, to be unattractive. In the study of journalism they could not ‘imagine’ and ‘dreams’ for an employment of visual art image. But back again: from the point where, (from the point of what we saw) an photographic work to be built? (in the schematic / diagram projection12, or 3).

Which should be established is how to choose words are defined: Photography, Photography-Fine Art, Photo-Art, or something else? I always mention: Photo / Photo / Photography / Photography-first, in all the words that will be involved, instead: Art, the first. That’s because I was standing beside scientific photography. It could be someone else called me a photographer, or an artist of photography, all it will develop further. I use the scientific definition of photography for my own photographic work. This means that subjectivity in the work to be value added. Is it an artistic subjectivity? I am not familiar with the art of other people mean. Art, for me photography is the result of a process that comes as a blessing in abundance: for myself, or give benefit to others. And it’s subjective.

Fine Art, defined meaning: the fine arts. that fine-art of Photography, has the study of the most basic definition of science into two words. Fine art, until now synonymous in the visual art of science. If that’s still true, fine-art of Photography-that is, an scientific branch / twig that arise from of photography to visual art. However, sometimes people define it in more detail from different sides of the study of language and etymology, Photography-Fine Art are: its fine art of scientific of photography (its art of photography study of science itself), so that the right could be: Fine Art Photography – in particular spelling. I’m less so the update with the writing, but I said, the writing was: Photography-Fine Art, and after learning the definition shortened to: photo-art. Photography and Art that accompany it. When we explore the science of photography and the use of it,-for any, should be subject to scientific study itself, and it’s mandatory!. Understand and define the scientific study itself, there is no price to be offered again. Conquer technical in detail, agreed definition of technology. All of it is basic that must be mastered. Photographic is photography itself.

Photography of the ‘Contemporary’ :

How is the definition of the details? An answer will be obtained from the question itself: Have we acknowledge and understand the photography itself? It conquered the technical details? ‘ve Been doing of photography in many photographing opportunities? How experience and studies we’ve done? Photography is not observable and is defined by just watching it. Photography should be done by the photographer himself, from beginning to end of each processes. Photography is very authoritarian reach. And of course: What is contemporary understanding itself. Then simply, combine all. Even the mention of itself may not appear from our own, perhaps from others.

If it is said and spelled out in a period of time, contemporary of photography is the ‘youngest’. To know the origin and genealogy, we must trace the ‘flashback’ to the science of photography itself. Many references and experience are the most important factor here. Art became an diligent study of the impact of scientific study of photography. In fact, maybe we do not need to sort them, because the art will pop up. Art will be a destination, to look at life. The use of the terms: the present (modern-trend), it is not: the current (in journalism is factual) is the most recently proposed to its definition. But I understand contemporary or even like it. Present and current, is an particular period. While the works of Contemporary hardly respond or a specific time span.

Contemporary is the way of viewing for something from the other side, and Photography is a way of seeing / other way to record it.

Contemporary can also be the way the eye sees from a different side, and Photography is the result (to understand and enjoy it) from the way of viewing (investigation) of a different.

Contemporary is the an equilibrium point that is always moving and not solid. Contemporary become way of seeing and looking, from the corners and other places. Photography became a medium and medium undertaken, acquired, and used to be different, from the habits they had done before.

Contemporary become an ‘instrument’ comparator flexible, and able to stand at a distance from that usual place. Avoid and fight-ending situations (they had done before), to break away from the habit that has always been there, ever done continuously, making an / something ‘unique self’ of a: uniformity. Photography of Contemporary, become a balancing point and so reversing an steady appreciation and feasibility.

Photography of Contemporary, is not tied to an establishment of photography in general. Recent-and Present, can also be confounded by the presence of Investigation, Appreciation, and Proportion-specific knowledge, the other really. Contemporary to the contents and the proportion of the other, could be the latest and also the present, in the span of time, or period. Photography of Contemporary, to ‘only’ designation for the defining period of time, but the definition of the content and the proportion is an new spirit and boundless.

Photography of Contemporary, become an way of photographing, be something, from a really different, other than the usual, and putting the proportion for / to a certain time frame. Range time is understood as a destination: ‘A While’. ‘One time’ people are always photographing landscape in a balanced horizontal format, become an 360-degree vertical landscape. Adding other aspect of the content of the study that the most rare. Timeline – ‘A While’, become instead an period of time, but it become an way and act ‘when / in the works’, to create something else and different. Range time will be a challenge, how to work in a well displayed and managed.

“Once we know the basic spelling and meaning of words, and on the basis of its etymology, then the mention of Photography-Fine Art and Contemporary Photography may be a bit more defined meaning. Just how do we create the definition of photography directly. All this is still in the initial definition.”


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