20 Meters Deeper

Faster step forward, one meter deeper into the earth


Among the lush trees and weeds, in a rice field in a corners of village in Bali, I walked past a cliff, whose width of not less than 1 meter, and in either side of me, there is a hole gap from mined rock, a depth of more of 15 meters. Without limiting the bridge clay hot-dry and slippery when it rains, and without any security!. I see some people working, running on the track to bring rock mined. The noise of sounded rock cutting machinery, in any depth of the stone mine pit. Some workers were busy pulling on the rope to raise the results of rock that has been cut, and some go step by step, climbing the stairs, toward the top bring the rock from the mine. From the depth of about 20 feet, I saw a worker climbing the stairs with a stone mines, barefoot because slippery, and then down again to the bottom. My breath caught for a moment, when looking at their activities, at that depth. And when as I write this story, I do not dare to come down in the depths.


When I was here at the time, not many photographers who came to capture this incredible moment. Expression on their faces looked surprised, and some asking me, “Are you a reporter?”, The questions that was always the same, no matter where I was photographing the activities of workers or human interest. After a while I introduce myself of my identity, they seem more pleased and friendly. And I can freely move closer to the subject, the miners working the stone. As usual, clove cigarettes, is the first means of to open a conversation with these people. In each suction smoke cigarettes that make our conversation full of trimmings and meaning, and they are the quarry workers were terrific, and smart. After I showed several the camera shots, they asked me: “Photographs as many of these, for what? For Newspapers? Magazine? Or for what? ‘. I silent for a moment, they know I am not a journalist or a person working at the media, however, I am also not just a photography hobbyist that ‘amateurs’. Photography for me is a profession, that profession is now faced with the other people as well. They are not anymore an object. For me, they are a very important subject, for my photography profession. I carried two cameras, and the shots by the hundreds. For what? Likewise, I thought for a moment, because the question. I also explained in simple language that can be understood by their expectations (I think so at least).


A slice by piece rock stone, from a depth of 10 to 20 feet, raised up in a way that is simple yet effective. Pursuing a day for a living the wages and their own livelihoods. The results from the depths of of the earth that provides benefits, to be brought to a grinding to mashed. The results for the purposes of Pura wall, or homes. For stones that have not fulfilled good quality, used as the foundation of the building. Hot and sunny, even rainy day, with a variety of risk for their souls are betting that challenges to their lives. And I was, only a part of the recording moments of their lives, who came to watch and learn the meaning of it. And they are tough workers in the pursuit of the ideals of living with a very simple way to provide for themselves and their families. I can not tell you in detail, how their lives more closely. This is partly the story of the beginning of the series that I have. And I was’ll come back into the depths of the hole, and also to the shacks where they lived for a moment, before heading to another excavation pit. This story is in order to know, how they pursue the wages, with a yield of about 2 million rupiah ($ 200) a month on average their earned.


I had to run, pursuing the time, and hope that remains. Maybe I’ll fall slip, between the cliffs of this journey. But I’m not afraid because it was a risk of, and I know the consequences. To prevent that risk, I should be carefully and watchful, with full awareness. At least, that’s how my path, and I strive for my future and my family. Forward with full power, and predictive knowledge to be high, with all the strength the remaining body. I’m just a worker should be strong, should working as well as realistic, can not relax waiting for fortune coming. I should be fetch it.


I no longer need to calculate how much my results today. Blessings that comes all the time, and so abundant. I just need to be observant choosing, get the best, and process the results. If you ask: for what …? I also need not have to get the answer at this time. I need only arrange them and make sure, that the grace that I get will be useful to others. I just need to convince everyone that my blessing is the grace for them as well. Share it with gently, and filled with high awareness among the boulder very hard though. I just need to prove, going down, dig deeper essence, splitting the grace that with precision, and then brought it to the top with intact.I would prove that blessings should be rewarded with a decent, and to be possessed by the heart. Not with the fear of, pity, or compassion at me. I’m just a persistent worker.

Heartstone Breaker – the series

December – 2012


One thought on “20 Meters Deeper

  1. Brilliant shots. Remind me of Salgado. Thanks for sharing these.

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