“Concept” vs “Statement”

From the beginning, when steeped in of photography, I almost never use the term: ‘concept‘, as show ‘idealism’ in the course of my photographic work experience. Concept, I use, just in a significant percentage of the very few in photography, ie: for the state of commercial, communication design or a particular order. Concept, in my previous article is ‘black light’, being scientific of photography, was material ‘white light’ –photons. Let’s further deepened understanding of basic (consensus) etymology and ontology. Within the assessments of photography, I am more ‘advantaged’ comprehension, when the term ‘Statement‘, to refine the definition, content, and basic scientific of photography further. Statement, further strengthen the factual value of the object, in a of photography results, arising from the content of the image, and are more ‘real’ represents the value of objectivity.

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Concept, more ‘virtual’, because its appearance can be very subjective or influenced by other purposes. Within the ‘truth’ of photography studies, or the most basic of photography (fine-art of photography), the concept never showed up and used. Photography in principle, barely know with what called: Concept. However, sometimes, ‘culture’ to use of words and terms: ‘concept’ is considered to be a ‘how to’ legitimate and common, to explain the content and definition of photography. I attempt to change the experience to understand both the topic. I prefer to use the terms ‘statement’ in photography. Statement, is a logical expression, because photography is a very technical scientific and mathematically rigorous.

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Explicitness a statement, more positive moving forward and more bluntly. Whereas concept, more structured to the ‘metaphysical’ is philosophical. In a further understanding of the statement, its definitive is closer to the notion of ‘proportion’ logical of photography, while the concept is more likely to close to the connotative meaning ‘composition’ / composite. Photography, in the basic understanding and furthermore too, do not know the terms of composition, but rather the proportion of technical mastery and purpose, to obtain the maximum results. The two terms are quite confusing and difficult to assessments of photography further, but if not defined in detail, will make the future confusion that will never be finished for the always contentious. Composition, not ‘belong’ of photography from the beginning, and the concept, is abstraction metaphysical subjectivity from the outside scientific study of of photography.

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Comprehension and understanding of the Statement, which means: presentation-declaration-announcement-explanation-clarification-publications, and so on, is ‘an expression structure’ that is conveyed and expressed, and is considered the most unbiased information logically. The structure of the information provided verbally or in writing is the formulation of ‘proportion expressive declarative’-a more positive and real. The Expression structure, shown in a related and straightforwardly (objective), from the visual of photography itself, not from the outside. Easy, that statement is identical to the meaning of: ‘what do see is what do you get’. And it’s located right in front of the your eyes and lens is, in the view finder camera, from the results: ‘projection formula cross’ on the recording equipment, on the result of a of photography image obtained. Defining the statement further, obtained in the process of ‘developing’ the image itself, either through a dark room or editing via computer-ultimately to be understood as meaning: ‘painting with light’.


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