About Me:

Studying Photography intensively since 1993 and became the first batch of students majoring in photography at the Art Institute of Indonesia, Yogyakarta in 1994. Studying the photo gallery management and curatorial, at exhibitions of photography in the Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (GFJA) – Jakarta in 1998. Held a, exhibitions with my friends / members Mes56 – the first generation – “Revolution # 9” in 1999. Doing Thesis work “Symbolism in Collage Photography’ and graduated in the same year.

The concentration of employment in the commercial photography and Interior Products. In Surabaya, in end of 1999, to study the process of separation of the film separation techniques, for printing photos on publishing (Advertising). Settled in Bali in early 2000 and began a career in the field of photography jewelry in a foreign private companies. Continuing his career in a design agency and advetising ‘Garam Productions’ until the end of 2003.

Starting in 2004 concentrating expressive photography. Together with friends, founded: Lingkara PhotoArt in Bali, a photo gallery, in visual art imaging, based in photography. Returned actively exhibition since 2010. Inaugural exhibition ‘HypomaniCam’, held at Tonyraka Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali. Active in other exhibitions, and photography competition abroad (asia – europe), began in mid 2012.

Find me:






Langkah – Ruang Mes56 – Jogjakarta.


Message From Distortion 50th Human Right Anniversary – Benteng Vredeburg Jogjakarta.


REVOLUSI #9 – Mes56 – Galeri Foto Jurnalistik ANTARA (GFJA) – Jakarta.


Newman Marcus Market Chrismast Sales Jewelry – John Hardy Jewelry Collections – Amerika.


World Silent Day w/ Bali Creative Community – Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 – Malaysia >>>

Make-up Orthopedia – Bali Creative Festival at Art Centre – Bali. >>>

Playstic Land – Denpasar Art Festival – Bali. >>>


HypomaniCam Tonyraka Art Gallery, Ubud – Bali. >>> / >>>

Nusantara 2011: Imaji OrnamenGaleri Nasional Indonesia – Jakarta. >>> / >>>

Beyond Photography 2011Ciputra Enterpreneur – Jakarta. >>>

EFGH/Make-up Orthopedia #2 Bali Creative Festival 2011 – Bali. >>>

Playstic Land Effects – STP Youthteria – Halfway Beach Kuta – Bali. >>>


Expedisi Trimurti Hello 1st exhibtion – at Lingkara Gallery – Bali >>>

After 10th Fractal Dimention – Out of the Bottle’ exhibition – at Lingkara Gallery – Bali. >>>

International Multimedia Art Fest. 2012New Zero Art Space – Yangon – Myanmar.>>> / >>>

The International Day of PeaceAthens – Greece >>>

8th Angkor Photo Festival 2012 – Siem Rap – Cambodia >>>

Thanks For Today – Angkor Photo Gallery – Wat Bo – Cambodia>>>





Best Accepted: FOTO KITA majalah National Geographic IndonesiaJuni 2010. >>>

2 Best Photo’s selected: FOTO KITAEditor Choice – Your Shot National Geographic. >>>/ >>>

Best of Photo Challenge: ‘Show of Hands‘ in JPG Magazine photo challenge. >>>

Published in: Fotoblur Magazine Challenge Edition 7. >>>/>>>


1st Best Challenge: ‘Romance‘ in http://www.dpreview.com photo challenge >>>

Best of Photo Challenge: ‘My Earth, My Impact‘ in JPG Magazine photo challenge >>>

Story of the Week– Week 21 – Photo Essay: ‘Sunset Transformer #5’ in JPG Magazine>>>

Best of Photo Challenge: ‘Fireworks!‘ in JPG Magazine photo challenge >>>

Best of Photo Challenge: ‘Tomorrow’s To-Do List‘ in JPG Magazine photo challenge. >>>


Best of Photo Challenge: ‘Community Service‘ in JPG Magazine photo challenge >>>

Best of Photo Challenge: ‘Take A Seat‘ in JPG Magazine photo challenge. >>>

Best of Photo Challenge: ‘Green Living‘ in JPG Magazine photo challenge. >>>

Story of the WeekWeek 28 –Photo Essay: ‘Free Kick’ in JPG Magazine>>>

Photo Selected for Postcard / Invitation: 8th Angkor Photo Festival 2012Cambodia >>> / >>>

Best Entries: ‘Mood of Sillhoutte’ in 121clicks.com>>>

Best Selected: 2012 SMART Art Contest: The Science & Math-based Art Contest – Next Big Idea >>> / >>>

Winner Selected: Audley Travel Photo Competition, in ‘People‘ category >>>

Photo of the Day: Smithsonian.com in ‘Art & Culture’ >>>

Best Selected: Photo Competitons the International Day of Peace “Peace Is–Peace is Not” Athens, Greece>>> / >>>

Top Entries: Photo Competitons United Nation (UN4U) Asia-Pacific Photo Contest 2012 – “Freedom” >>> / >>>



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  1. Hi, Thank you for stopping by my photographic corner of the web and following my blog! I really enjoyed exploring your site and look forward to seeing more posts in the future.

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