the Shadows of Lights

Too far to go back … Too long to tell the Story… 
Just See the Shadow where it falls, because I’ll see where the Direction of the Origin of the Light to be …



“At one time – At one moment – At one Click”

At one time, photography is a personalization of the object which I recorded. Then occurred to me: On a point of conversation that the: ‘The Universe’ is talking, and convey its personal message to me, through: the moment of ‘precious one’ in a photograph (containing the code of light) that I earn.”

::: by – Indra Widi :::



::: Mystical of Photography :::

I would affirm the use of the word: ‘Photography’ first, and then the word of ‘Art’ -will following. And I would write: ‘Photographic Art‘, first -full, without having to cut it down to: ‘Photo Art‘, because at some definitions, will be different, between of ‘Photography’ and the ‘photo’ itself,-even if used for understanding each represents. In fact, the objective’s in photography from its beginning, only be understood in the objectivity of the technical process of projection only.


Photography is Photography, more scientific definition would be more easier to understand. Even the ‘adding’ the word of ‘Art’ or ‘Fine Art’ is also not too much talk about, because there will already contain ‘concerns’ – other else. Photography is a visual representation of the energy and optical formula, and it is rarely discussed: Verbal energy (theory of: Vision). Verbal is projected vision energy in the calculation of ‘black light’ (invisibe light), and Visual are projections of optical energy from the ‘white light’ (visible light).


“For me (and this is subjective) preferred to use: Photography first, then Art. That’s because – Art in Photography will flowed out when I am deepen photography with a vengeance. And until recently, I have not gained full knowledge of photography: in the art of code that contains a knowledge that captures the reality -Through the Light. “


The basic principle, Photography is only an image projection of the object – the recording and transfer of a reality. That’s because it works by a factor of ‘Light’. What is there (the object), there must be at the final result (the image). And it’s no less or more. Nothing is removed or raised.


Photography, even blind to the aesthetic rules of composition and harmony (in Art). Or when spoken of in the artistic, photography from beginning it is does not exist. Photography is only the unity of the process to move the reality, into the medium of recording that ‘freeze’ – in one language and meaning. And language interpretation or meaning, it can be very subjective and tend not to talk about, in the actual photography.

“Sense to understanding of work processes and results of of Photography, should be returned, the original synchronization. Thus, when people speak of a photography, it’s not just on the results of (visual) that looked / printed only. Not the Aesthetic or artistic orientation of the complex. Nor is art that can be attributed to a subjective discourse-if not directly concerned in it.”


Read: Fine Art, is ‘Pure Art‘, that comes from: Photography (it self), or Art’s (that discussed in) is ‘a: subjects’ that appears from within the photography itself. And according to the order of mention of the language, I would affirm the use of the word: ‘Photography’ first, and then the word of ‘Art’ -will following. And I would write: ‘Fine Art of Photography‘ (Photographic Art), first -full, without having to cut it down to: ‘Photo Art‘, because at some definitions, will be different, between of ‘Photography’ and the ‘photo’ itself,-even if used for understanding each represents. The writing becomes: Photo Art, will be the second in its use, -to understanding of that goes beyond the definition of photography itself. Fine Art (of) Photography, an achievement ‘Pure Reality’ in an objective. In fact, the objective’s in photography from its beginning, only be understood in the objectivity of the technical process of projection only.



The use of the word ‘Photo’, basically more synonymous with: photography results (photograph), whereas Photography, is the science and study as a whole. Photography is a technical scientific projection optics are very strict. Since from the beginning and the basis of the discovery of Photography, not even recognized with what is called: ‘Art’. Especially when it comes to what is defined as the Fine Arts (painting). It happened after and later, when we master the basic photography first, and do not try to look for the shortcut, because the fragment system in photography will be a lot missing and blurred.

Photography, identical to the technology related to optical and energy-something that is real and ‘object-ivities’ (in conception: visible light). However, in the process of development and visual outcomes, photography has a remarkable influence, the results include existence. When on this level, which is discussed later on subjectivity appreciation in many directions and communication (Vision). Photography is a visual technical achievement (the objective) and subsequent projections will include the subjectively’s visual itself. In mathematical-physics, photographic projections will reach to a point of discussion about the ‘energy’ of ‘invible light’. Formula continuous back and forth, from the visible to the invisible light to light (electromagnetic). Expression or Appreciation, is the energy of the invisible light itself.

If the Photography is Photography, more scientific definition would be more easier to understand. Even the ‘adding’ the word of ‘Art’ or ‘Fine Art’ is also not too much talk about, because there will already contain ‘concerns’ – other else. Photography is a visual representation of the energy and optical formula, and it is rarely discussed: Verbal energy (theory of: Vision). Verbal is projected vision energy in the calculation of ‘black light’ (invisibe light), and Visual are projections of optical energy from the ‘white light’ (visible light). (see: the written)

When talking ‘art’ in the definition of ‘fine-art’ in photography, maybe a million appreciation could be raised, subjectively, and will never be finished. However, when examined within the fine-art photography is ‘purity-basically’, which arises from within (content), and the basis of the results of objective photography, will be more easy to understanding. Even art that emerged from within photography, it’s not tricky. Art in photography is very scalable and can be defined. No one needs to be ‘hidden’, but the uniqueness of the content in photography into a ‘puzzle’ to be raised and reviewed further. Appreciation and expression into the second, third, and so on, even being not important at the beginning of the photographic process. Appreciation and Expression, which are subjective, does not appear from the outside of the content and the results photography itself, because photography is the study and the results are realistic within strict technical.

Stranger Unpredictable

Stranger Unpredictable

“What is seen and what is to be produced”-in the process of photography, this is really the key definition of it. In fact, we can make up a lot of definition of without having to ‘borrow’ others definition of the word art (which already exists first). Likewise later, photography will have more and more its own definition of art. Photography talk about the reality of what happened, and then projected naturally, to be able to pull out the objectivity of its own, even more powerful than reality itself, this is what will affecting our vision. It could even happen, the strong reality of photography, to be more powerful than reality itself, seemed to be something that can not be explained and interpreted,-these are ambiguous and erroneous. Photography is in reality container, not the container of imagination.

More obvious longer, is ‘fine art’ in photography, and should not be defined as a Fine Arts (Painting), however, more precise understanding to: Pure Arts (Originality of that appears from: Photographic) -just its, which means talking about purity and the originality of the scholarship’s photography itself. However, until now, uses of ‘fine art photography’ in review ‘impact’ of art (painting) is still used. Probably still available, but it should be understood that the definition is not the same when ‘Photographic Art’, translated in scientific definitions of Fine Arts (Painting). Fine Art in photography, the basic achievement of purity will technical mastery, and then define and communicate in detail, about what is in the content of the photographic results.

Pure Reality (Photography), is a visual projection optics, is the definition of a ‘way of seeing’, while the next projection is located on understanding the ‘way of looking’ is defined as Alternative Reality. And ‘complicity’ of expression, appreciation, and interpretation, is the impact of projected Pure Reality. Both of these ongoing factors, is a series of projections normal and reasonable. The task of a photographic artist (photographer) must be able to create a ‘fortress’ own definition, how to make their work remains in the area of pure photography, which is not out of the path science, not adding another element besides the factors of light, exaggerating technically, and makes manipulation , the factors and basic science aspects beyond the projection of the photography.

At one point the conversation is rarely displayed openly: Statement or submission of purposes, from a photographer / artist on his own photography. They rarely put forward ideas, intent, and purpose on their own photographic work. Simple things that should be done is to write them down, through the title, big contents, or description. This can cause ‘depression expressively‘ / ‘depression of appreciative‘ to themselves or others, so that could be mistaken interpretation. Submission of statement can also use the included media: Voice / Sound.

As I wrote before, the reality in photography, it is very complex. The reality is strongly related to the energy projection of light (photons), which includes 3 major elements of, ie: eyes> <brain> <recording device, which continuously related. And with photography, all of it is very easy to define if we took the time to deepen with more details. And when all that was to be defined in more detail, so I’ve been able to mention the ‘Fine Art of Photography’ is its Pure Art of Photography itself, and inscribed with: ‘Photographic Art‘ or ‘Photo Art‘. When it comes to any mention of the ‘Photo Art’ is, I am not just talking about the ‘results’ are printed or displayed alone, but the overall impact and considered scientifically, both in Interpretation, Appreciation, and Expression in it.

“Concept” vs “Statement”

From the beginning, when steeped in of photography, I almost never use the term: ‘concept‘, as show ‘idealism’ in the course of my photographic work experience. Concept, I use, just in a significant percentage of the very few in photography, ie: for the state of commercial, communication design or a particular order. Concept, in my previous article is ‘black light’, being scientific of photography, was material ‘white light’ –photons. Let’s further deepened understanding of basic (consensus) etymology and ontology. Within the assessments of photography, I am more ‘advantaged’ comprehension, when the term ‘Statement‘, to refine the definition, content, and basic scientific of photography further. Statement, further strengthen the factual value of the object, in a of photography results, arising from the content of the image, and are more ‘real’ represents the value of objectivity.

Management Conflict

Concept, more ‘virtual’, because its appearance can be very subjective or influenced by other purposes. Within the ‘truth’ of photography studies, or the most basic of photography (fine-art of photography), the concept never showed up and used. Photography in principle, barely know with what called: Concept. However, sometimes, ‘culture’ to use of words and terms: ‘concept’ is considered to be a ‘how to’ legitimate and common, to explain the content and definition of photography. I attempt to change the experience to understand both the topic. I prefer to use the terms ‘statement’ in photography. Statement, is a logical expression, because photography is a very technical scientific and mathematically rigorous.

i'm mistist

Explicitness a statement, more positive moving forward and more bluntly. Whereas concept, more structured to the ‘metaphysical’ is philosophical. In a further understanding of the statement, its definitive is closer to the notion of ‘proportion’ logical of photography, while the concept is more likely to close to the connotative meaning ‘composition’ / composite. Photography, in the basic understanding and furthermore too, do not know the terms of composition, but rather the proportion of technical mastery and purpose, to obtain the maximum results. The two terms are quite confusing and difficult to assessments of photography further, but if not defined in detail, will make the future confusion that will never be finished for the always contentious. Composition, not ‘belong’ of photography from the beginning, and the concept, is abstraction metaphysical subjectivity from the outside scientific study of of photography.

i'm oldist

Comprehension and understanding of the Statement, which means: presentation-declaration-announcement-explanation-clarification-publications, and so on, is ‘an expression structure’ that is conveyed and expressed, and is considered the most unbiased information logically. The structure of the information provided verbally or in writing is the formulation of ‘proportion expressive declarative’-a more positive and real. The Expression structure, shown in a related and straightforwardly (objective), from the visual of photography itself, not from the outside. Easy, that statement is identical to the meaning of: ‘what do see is what do you get’. And it’s located right in front of the your eyes and lens is, in the view finder camera, from the results: ‘projection formula cross’ on the recording equipment, on the result of a of photography image obtained. Defining the statement further, obtained in the process of ‘developing’ the image itself, either through a dark room or editing via computer-ultimately to be understood as meaning: ‘painting with light’.


Conquering the Photons for ‘Painting’ and make it Definitions…

What’s going on with photography?”

Photography is not just simply taking pictures (silence visual), but photography can (should be) tell a million science in there (with verbal or written).”

Now, where is the meaning and understanding of: Painting with Light is? …”

Do you think, with the mastering camera, speed and aperture settings, and then press the release button on a certain proportion, and you can say ‘painting with light’? Not Yet. And it’s just the beginning.”

Appreciation of Photography, which generally are based on personal value of: ‘subjectivity’. However, without a ‘true friend’ accompanying, that is the value of an investigation of ‘objectivity’, the appreciation would be: pointless, meaningless, insignificant, negligible, pointless, inconsiderable.”

I increasingly questioned again, what does a “composition” in photography? … Photography-since it born, not knowing about the compositions (that’s what I finally know). Photography from the beginning created always talking about: “Proportion”, would technically a very strict.”


Conquering the Photons

How the storyline, the human (things) in there (in front of the lens), can be transferred as an ‘image’ its existence, into a small box called a camera, with a very precise proportions. What’s in there (the object) can be ‘transferred’ here (photo). What happened there could translate to a projection from the catch ‘photons’. What happened before and what will happen then, can be ‘read’ as well. And the so-called energy ‘photons’, is an active energy, which never faded, but will continue to actively projected energy Inversely, a form of energy to another.

So, what we actually ‘caught’ in a snapshot in the process of photography? It is projected that energies really real. Time ago, the strengthening the photon catches, affirmed in printing done in the ‘dark room’. Now, performed ‘editing’ in binary computers. Here the strengthening process, called the reaffirmation (hereinafter projection), on the definition of an active process called: ‘painting with light’. And when we do that, all of our senses will contribute to the affirmation of the other energy projection. It looks like traveling crossenergies, which are projected, and the constantly ongoing, cross-connect each other.


Secret and Sealed

I know this is very difficult, especially if we understand from its etymology. It must be of the basic understanding of the word photography first. What is Indeed with photography, not performance at the early stages of the process: ‘catch the light’, capturing moments, or the photon material. Photography in the end is understanding and technical mastery of the proportion of strict and accurate lighting. Photography is a very serious knowledge. But was originally, the results of a photography was something silent, dumb, and blind (not picking on certain compositions). Processes in Photography also does not talk too much about the box called ‘camera’ is. Photography became a process of major technical question, how do: ‘catch’, ‘move’, projection there, being an ‘image’ and a real image to a particular media.


Follow December … Merry Xmas and Happy New Year …

Great conversation is: ‘what is there’ and ‘what happened there’. We can not no longer be able to say: ‘because the object is good’ or ‘because I like’-that if we really want to understand photography. Objectivity in photography will be strongly influenced by the subjectivity of something and the other person to personal. Photography, is a visual, which will be affected, and even need each other, the projections are: verbal. Photography was, did not know the composition, because we are the ones who make the composition for the benefit of harmony our eyes-so at first. Photography is an invaluable tool to strip the knowledge, hidden in an image results. Results of photography can be a ‘something alive’, of the projected objects are frozen and silent,-that is, if we want the photo ‘come alive’.

Frozen and silent, in the photographs, it could be displayed. But now, it is not a matter of interest. Audience being ‘tired’ and will have ‘depression’ expressively ‘and would be’ mystical ‘is avoided. Moreover, the tightness of the resulting visual photography today. In a picture, there are countless hidden behind the value of knowledge (its projection). The challenge is, how do we make the process of confirmation of the photo images, from the capture of light (photons) is.


Epiphanies December … The Voyage of the World … philosophical or literal …

I do not want to, the results of my photos, a very ‘personal’ and ‘privacy’ or even secret -it is outdated. This could be ‘a boomerang’ for me, because ‘mystic’ is the knowledge that ‘not yet’ be defined or interpreted. I do not want to see my audience to look ‘just nodding their heads’ (though they do not understand), or depression too long for ‘content’ and ‘identity’ photos. There is a ‘map’ and ‘guidance’ to be given, resulting in a conversation to multiple-way communication, for further energy knowledge. This will provide additional energy flowing endlessly.

20 Meters Deeper

Faster step forward, one meter deeper into the earth


Among the lush trees and weeds, in a rice field in a corners of village in Bali, I walked past a cliff, whose width of not less than 1 meter, and in either side of me, there is a hole gap from mined rock, a depth of more of 15 meters. Without limiting the bridge clay hot-dry and slippery when it rains, and without any security!. I see some people working, running on the track to bring rock mined. The noise of sounded rock cutting machinery, in any depth of the stone mine pit. Some workers were busy pulling on the rope to raise the results of rock that has been cut, and some go step by step, climbing the stairs, toward the top bring the rock from the mine. From the depth of about 20 feet, I saw a worker climbing the stairs with a stone mines, barefoot because slippery, and then down again to the bottom. My breath caught for a moment, when looking at their activities, at that depth. And when as I write this story, I do not dare to come down in the depths.


When I was here at the time, not many photographers who came to capture this incredible moment. Expression on their faces looked surprised, and some asking me, “Are you a reporter?”, The questions that was always the same, no matter where I was photographing the activities of workers or human interest. After a while I introduce myself of my identity, they seem more pleased and friendly. And I can freely move closer to the subject, the miners working the stone. As usual, clove cigarettes, is the first means of to open a conversation with these people. In each suction smoke cigarettes that make our conversation full of trimmings and meaning, and they are the quarry workers were terrific, and smart. After I showed several the camera shots, they asked me: “Photographs as many of these, for what? For Newspapers? Magazine? Or for what? ‘. I silent for a moment, they know I am not a journalist or a person working at the media, however, I am also not just a photography hobbyist that ‘amateurs’. Photography for me is a profession, that profession is now faced with the other people as well. They are not anymore an object. For me, they are a very important subject, for my photography profession. I carried two cameras, and the shots by the hundreds. For what? Likewise, I thought for a moment, because the question. I also explained in simple language that can be understood by their expectations (I think so at least).


A slice by piece rock stone, from a depth of 10 to 20 feet, raised up in a way that is simple yet effective. Pursuing a day for a living the wages and their own livelihoods. The results from the depths of of the earth that provides benefits, to be brought to a grinding to mashed. The results for the purposes of Pura wall, or homes. For stones that have not fulfilled good quality, used as the foundation of the building. Hot and sunny, even rainy day, with a variety of risk for their souls are betting that challenges to their lives. And I was, only a part of the recording moments of their lives, who came to watch and learn the meaning of it. And they are tough workers in the pursuit of the ideals of living with a very simple way to provide for themselves and their families. I can not tell you in detail, how their lives more closely. This is partly the story of the beginning of the series that I have. And I was’ll come back into the depths of the hole, and also to the shacks where they lived for a moment, before heading to another excavation pit. This story is in order to know, how they pursue the wages, with a yield of about 2 million rupiah ($ 200) a month on average their earned.


I had to run, pursuing the time, and hope that remains. Maybe I’ll fall slip, between the cliffs of this journey. But I’m not afraid because it was a risk of, and I know the consequences. To prevent that risk, I should be carefully and watchful, with full awareness. At least, that’s how my path, and I strive for my future and my family. Forward with full power, and predictive knowledge to be high, with all the strength the remaining body. I’m just a worker should be strong, should working as well as realistic, can not relax waiting for fortune coming. I should be fetch it.


I no longer need to calculate how much my results today. Blessings that comes all the time, and so abundant. I just need to be observant choosing, get the best, and process the results. If you ask: for what …? I also need not have to get the answer at this time. I need only arrange them and make sure, that the grace that I get will be useful to others. I just need to convince everyone that my blessing is the grace for them as well. Share it with gently, and filled with high awareness among the boulder very hard though. I just need to prove, going down, dig deeper essence, splitting the grace that with precision, and then brought it to the top with intact.I would prove that blessings should be rewarded with a decent, and to be possessed by the heart. Not with the fear of, pity, or compassion at me. I’m just a persistent worker.

Heartstone Breaker – the series

December – 2012

Investigation of the Photography Contemporar

“Be different”, the value of many of the technical assessment, contemporary photography can resist even the definition of ‘recent’ and ‘present’ it itself, the range of time / situation. All of it, is a form of contemporary works (photography) in the definition of the obvious. Many things can not define contemporary photography, when assessing the work of the image is only from one point of view or a technical one. Of course, as in previous writing, need a confirmation from the start, which is more like it to appear, first photographic technical originality, or technical, to a mere means of discourse alone? For a ‘real photographer’, is the most dominant technical importance, meanwhile, for the fine arts (visual arts), technically, can be ignored. A photographic work “slick” but without the content, meaning empty without exposure to a particular investigation. Visual character of the photographic means ‘recent period’, is the content / content photography is the study of ‘present perception’, and both are built for a memorable look different or something new. Contemporary photography from established continuity way of seeing (angle), and a way of viewing (perception), in a situation of (fill-investigation proportion) of a thing.

Different from the usual, unique, strange, different from the others, so called: ‘eccentric’, is the requirement that the rationale, for the work of contemporary photography. Proportion and contents, refer to the specific knowledge, are the subject of investigation object / subject, originality and new ideas to be further developed. Making the base, closer, mixing, and so on, to go beyond, of different definitions of the other disciplines, it would be an interesting interpretation. There are 3 basic interesting study that could be explored further to be linked, namely: psychophysics, Perception, and Pragmatism. Anthropology, Archaeology, and Ethnology, is the scientific study of the most popular nearby. There are other things that are very interesting but often overlooked because of the proximity of the subject, namely the local daily life and activities. Life the moment the situation is close to us, right before our eyes. Local activities are moments that are often encountered and passed every time. Contemporary emphasis on photography, in the form of continuity way of seeing (angle) and how to view (perception) in a particular situation (investigation). Many things are missing from everyday life and local activities.

As reiterated, ‘This was photography’, then technically, was the dominant one definition of fine-art of photography in a technical context itself. Using the technical and getting different results from ever before, both from how to take photos or show it. When asserted, ‘This is art / the fine arts’, then it could technically be ignored, and the both definition was Contemporary, based on photography. Final Lock, located on the Contents and Proportion of view, when it comes to this study: “Visual” is deciding everything. Visual appearance can be boring, but with a certain knowledge (psychophysics, Perception, Pragmatism, Anthropology, Archaeology, and Ethnology), will be able to ‘invigorating’ and make it more exciting. Daily life and local activities, becoming fuller and deeper meaning, if we are more careful detail and convey a lot of things, which is hidden, and often overlooked earlier. Angle, from view finder, or, from where we stand with eyes to see, and get a moment / object, into a visual perception to be delivered. Perception, was way of viewing, which means how to judge of something,-from the brain. And to be different, was ‘spirit’ of a visual work that seen by the eye, which became the basis of the contemporary-ness of it themselves.

In assessing visual work: photography or photo-of contemporary, sometimes we are ‘stuck’ to the term ‘the boredom-ness’ and ‘to-not-like-ness’ about many things, regardless of the content and the proportion of a certain study. Audience feels ‘not stunned’ or ‘surprised’, bored or do not like, and this became the “subjectivity”. Both these factors may appear because, someone let ‘silent’ to his work, with a specific purpose-perhaps), or may be even: ‘do not know’ how ‘the way’ to define, or ‘seeking attention’ to the audience, and produced a work that be ‘more speak’ properly. All of these basic communication and discipline. When the ‘subjectivity’ discussed and appears, it should be: ‘objectivity’, is a ‘couple’ nearest, in a horizontal line, for review and further linked. Objectivity is the technical basis of the investigation of the photographic work. All were returned to the technical process, because this is the photography, which is to be developed and should be able to go beyond the content and proportion of basic studies. From a technical ‘established’, which must be exceeded / developed further. At a minimum, we can ‘shoot accurately with a recording device, and make the results of the’ photo ‘is a union of the final’ grafi ‘it first. Photographing and standardize the results, as well as outlining its definition content. Experience and references essential basis, the formation of ‘new work’ a study ‘anti-establishment’ of the photographic works of the ‘boring’, who studied ‘always’ of engineering-technical means alone. Basically the ‘aesthetic’ is moving subjectivity by objectivity connection itself.

Photography, today has been so easy to talk about the visual’s exist globally worldwide. Aware that the obtainment ‘new angle’, they appear only allows a few percent. Likewise the photo shoot of the ‘new moment’, at least as many to be a resemblance. The new technical, almost no longer be important, because it is easy to learn and exciting ‘only’ a moment. However, building a ‘visual agreement’ that contains knowledge in ‘packaging narrative’ is the most exciting and closest relation energy (the electromagnetic spectrum)-the photographic works on the RGB-visible light. Elaborate visual agreement with how to view and listen to the content-exposure proportion in a work, without limiting to certain distaste-is extremely important.A proportion of content-knowledge of photography, ‘should’, let up, if there is ‘lack’, we can add a certain way, which can be associated knowledge. Visual agreement and any related in photography in particular, involve an important factor that is often overlooked, which is: Voice. Visual and Sound, is a continuous unity on the basis and process. Photography is ‘the silent’, and the sound is ‘soul mate’ it. Both should be ‘united’. Sound, explicitly is the wave of sound itself, and the application can be done verbally or in writing narrative. More precise and effective, voice assessment: involves writing and pronunciation, as well as the sound itself. To find “the soul mate” its photography, the most popular method used by the investigation and write them, or record voice / add voice / convey the content orally and in writing. And this is the beginning of the process.