Conquering the Photons for ‘Painting’ and make it Definitions…

What’s going on with photography?”

Photography is not just simply taking pictures (silence visual), but photography can (should be) tell a million science in there (with verbal or written).”

Now, where is the meaning and understanding of: Painting with Light is? …”

Do you think, with the mastering camera, speed and aperture settings, and then press the release button on a certain proportion, and you can say ‘painting with light’? Not Yet. And it’s just the beginning.”

Appreciation of Photography, which generally are based on personal value of: ‘subjectivity’. However, without a ‘true friend’ accompanying, that is the value of an investigation of ‘objectivity’, the appreciation would be: pointless, meaningless, insignificant, negligible, pointless, inconsiderable.”

I increasingly questioned again, what does a “composition” in photography? … Photography-since it born, not knowing about the compositions (that’s what I finally know). Photography from the beginning created always talking about: “Proportion”, would technically a very strict.”


Conquering the Photons

How the storyline, the human (things) in there (in front of the lens), can be transferred as an ‘image’ its existence, into a small box called a camera, with a very precise proportions. What’s in there (the object) can be ‘transferred’ here (photo). What happened there could translate to a projection from the catch ‘photons’. What happened before and what will happen then, can be ‘read’ as well. And the so-called energy ‘photons’, is an active energy, which never faded, but will continue to actively projected energy Inversely, a form of energy to another.

So, what we actually ‘caught’ in a snapshot in the process of photography? It is projected that energies really real. Time ago, the strengthening the photon catches, affirmed in printing done in the ‘dark room’. Now, performed ‘editing’ in binary computers. Here the strengthening process, called the reaffirmation (hereinafter projection), on the definition of an active process called: ‘painting with light’. And when we do that, all of our senses will contribute to the affirmation of the other energy projection. It looks like traveling crossenergies, which are projected, and the constantly ongoing, cross-connect each other.


Secret and Sealed

I know this is very difficult, especially if we understand from its etymology. It must be of the basic understanding of the word photography first. What is Indeed with photography, not performance at the early stages of the process: ‘catch the light’, capturing moments, or the photon material. Photography in the end is understanding and technical mastery of the proportion of strict and accurate lighting. Photography is a very serious knowledge. But was originally, the results of a photography was something silent, dumb, and blind (not picking on certain compositions). Processes in Photography also does not talk too much about the box called ‘camera’ is. Photography became a process of major technical question, how do: ‘catch’, ‘move’, projection there, being an ‘image’ and a real image to a particular media.


Follow December … Merry Xmas and Happy New Year …

Great conversation is: ‘what is there’ and ‘what happened there’. We can not no longer be able to say: ‘because the object is good’ or ‘because I like’-that if we really want to understand photography. Objectivity in photography will be strongly influenced by the subjectivity of something and the other person to personal. Photography, is a visual, which will be affected, and even need each other, the projections are: verbal. Photography was, did not know the composition, because we are the ones who make the composition for the benefit of harmony our eyes-so at first. Photography is an invaluable tool to strip the knowledge, hidden in an image results. Results of photography can be a ‘something alive’, of the projected objects are frozen and silent,-that is, if we want the photo ‘come alive’.

Frozen and silent, in the photographs, it could be displayed. But now, it is not a matter of interest. Audience being ‘tired’ and will have ‘depression’ expressively ‘and would be’ mystical ‘is avoided. Moreover, the tightness of the resulting visual photography today. In a picture, there are countless hidden behind the value of knowledge (its projection). The challenge is, how do we make the process of confirmation of the photo images, from the capture of light (photons) is.


Epiphanies December … The Voyage of the World … philosophical or literal …

I do not want to, the results of my photos, a very ‘personal’ and ‘privacy’ or even secret -it is outdated. This could be ‘a boomerang’ for me, because ‘mystic’ is the knowledge that ‘not yet’ be defined or interpreted. I do not want to see my audience to look ‘just nodding their heads’ (though they do not understand), or depression too long for ‘content’ and ‘identity’ photos. There is a ‘map’ and ‘guidance’ to be given, resulting in a conversation to multiple-way communication, for further energy knowledge. This will provide additional energy flowing endlessly.


Photographic Art, Keeping Secrets in Photography itself.


I think photography is an agreement called a name that is recognized around the world in the era of the 1800s, as previously mentioned there is a Solargraphy. Do not be abbreviated or split into Photo-Art, or Contemporary-Photo, or Photo-Journalism, or the other. Forget the past, any mention of digital – instant and that other combinations. This name must still called just: Photography. Photography is a long history of learning process and the complex and highly dedicated. Because photography is also a formula that has become all the reference technology in the next era. There are ethics that must be understood until the end.

‘Digital’, people still do not really know, where the origin of this technology, so it is still resist comparing the ‘photo’s’. I am not a scientist who works on an advanced laboratory, but at least, I learned the formulas of light and magnetic, with a random. And actually, in the science of Photography (analog / digital) and its performance, it’s not a problem, because based on science and the same formula: Scan-Record Object projection or Moment -with a precise and straightforward.


The interesting thing is when people use the word “photo” in the piece word photography in the digital era. But it is also the same question: ‘Digital’ is a photography?’. Confusion which used it as a process and form are broken down or combined-merge into a separate conflict when digital technology is so rapid. Moreover, the ‘light-magnetic’ that can be added to other devices in the hope still called Photography. And reference is made worse when Photography and more abandoned.

Development of the era-Digital-Photography and Art becomes a conflict when people have forgotten or worse do not know the process of photography at the beginning and the principle amount that is: ‘to record the moment’ as it were. For those who already understand it would be more concentrated and continue to find where lies naturally ‘Art’ is true in photography. It is like a ‘bonus’ that come into its own. Do not try to seek or create excessive.

“An optical performance of a normal eye, it will not convey a false information to our brain-a natural principle, Photography Even so, and that the principle of Photography. That’s a strict ethics in the process of work in photography.”

And back again, no addition or subtraction. Photography is not a subjective judgment / opinion. Photography, an object of direct experience in the recording, and it needs to be ‘flying hours’ enough. Art, like the blessings will flow by itself. It all can only be owned by people who have high dedication in completing the whole process of photography.

“Sense to understanding of work processes and results of of Photography, should be returned, the original synchronization. Thus, when people speak of a photography, it’s not just on the results of (visual) that looked / printed only. Not the Aesthetic or artistic orientation of the complex. Nor is art that can be attributed to a subjective discourse-if not directly concerned in it.”

Photography is a Reasonableness.

Photography is a process that must first understandable and sustained forever. Essence principles of photography as a transfer-recording only a projection of reality / object. That’s because we work with light factor. What is there (the object), there must be at the final result. And it’s no less or more. Nothing is removed or raised. Addition or subtraction of objects (which later became the subject) in the final result, not a photography. – Try to understand the tight – even had a very very tightly.

An optical lens, when compared with the optics of the eye (retina-pupil) – who knows how long will be equal it? An optical lens is a tool to resemble it. As far as what? Eyes that: Normal, it is impossible to make detailed / focused on one point only. Eye is unlikely to ‘blur / bokeh’ in the extreme foreground or background, such as lens 50 / 55mm in aperture diaphragm: f.1.2. So true is not it? Optical and photographic reference experts recommend optimization of the use of a 35mm lens on f.5.6. Why? Supposedly, it’s because the value of the corresponding synchronized showing almost universal leniency / flexible with the normal human eye. As far as what is tolerance? That is the challenge of adjustment. That’s the ‘Art’ in Photography, a reasonableness.


Photography is ‘Only to Move’ the Object Projection


And it is unique, Art in Photography could occur not because of artistic, in study of Esthetics and Art (Fine Arts). Not because of that harmony of the composition, or to have clear language in visual signs in it. Photography could be ‘no Arts’ and have a form, that could in tap and be touched in plain view. Photography could be ‘a the dumb and silent’, and there is nothing there. Photography is only to move the object projection and the reality in front of, and that a precision in many things and technically. Photography contains only the precision of technology (equipment / media), and its art is on the results of synchronization accuracy in fact objects, with our eyes to enjoy it -is nothing more.

In fact, in early development and growth, photography is very difficult even up today’s digital era. Technical tightness who can not yet ‘conquered’ to satisfy an aesthetic harmony. And it’s becomes visual artistic anxiety, behind the achievement of ‘projection of the imagination’ as appropriate. Thus, there was ‘acculturation of technology’ and ‘distortion’ technical trying to resemble a photographic process. Plus, the subjective perception becomes used as a reference for the assessment, to conquer the technical photography. The minus, people trying to manipulate the image it projected, for the benefit of Artistic and Art.

Beyond all that is called: Visual Arts which utilize photography.”

It’s that simple and just an overall photography process.

Whether, that can be done well?