“At one time – At one moment – At one Click”

At one time, photography is a personalization of the object which I recorded. Then occurred to me: On a point of conversation that the: ‘The Universe’ is talking, and convey its personal message to me, through: the moment of ‘precious one’ in a photograph (containing the code of light) that I earn.”

::: by – Indra Widi :::



::: Mystical of Photography :::

I would affirm the use of the word: ‘Photography’ first, and then the word of ‘Art’ -will following. And I would write: ‘Photographic Art‘, first -full, without having to cut it down to: ‘Photo Art‘, because at some definitions, will be different, between of ‘Photography’ and the ‘photo’ itself,-even if used for understanding each represents. In fact, the objective’s in photography from its beginning, only be understood in the objectivity of the technical process of projection only.


Photography is Photography, more scientific definition would be more easier to understand. Even the ‘adding’ the word of ‘Art’ or ‘Fine Art’ is also not too much talk about, because there will already contain ‘concerns’ – other else. Photography is a visual representation of the energy and optical formula, and it is rarely discussed: Verbal energy (theory of: Vision). Verbal is projected vision energy in the calculation of ‘black light’ (invisibe light), and Visual are projections of optical energy from the ‘white light’ (visible light).


“For me (and this is subjective) preferred to use: Photography first, then Art. That’s because – Art in Photography will flowed out when I am deepen photography with a vengeance. And until recently, I have not gained full knowledge of photography: in the art of code that contains a knowledge that captures the reality -Through the Light. “


The basic principle, Photography is only an image projection of the object – the recording and transfer of a reality. That’s because it works by a factor of ‘Light’. What is there (the object), there must be at the final result (the image). And it’s no less or more. Nothing is removed or raised.


Photography, even blind to the aesthetic rules of composition and harmony (in Art). Or when spoken of in the artistic, photography from beginning it is does not exist. Photography is only the unity of the process to move the reality, into the medium of recording that ‘freeze’ – in one language and meaning. And language interpretation or meaning, it can be very subjective and tend not to talk about, in the actual photography.

“Sense to understanding of work processes and results of of Photography, should be returned, the original synchronization. Thus, when people speak of a photography, it’s not just on the results of (visual) that looked / printed only. Not the Aesthetic or artistic orientation of the complex. Nor is art that can be attributed to a subjective discourse-if not directly concerned in it.”